Apple and BMW allegedly working on CarKey iPhone feature
Based on evidence found inside the iOS 14 code, Apple is allegedly working with BMW to become the first carmaker to support the CarKey iPhone feature.
Autonomous Car
The State of Autonomous Cars
Autonomous Cars will change the way we live, day by day. The car industry needs a breath of fresh air to boost the technology to the next step!
Running out of options, Apple turns to VW for autonomous employee shuttle
Apple has been floundering with its smart car technology to deliver on an intercampus shuttle. And it has reportedly failed to notch a vehicle partner it really wanted.
SK Telecom 5G tests put 3.6Gbps through to a hurtling car
How fast? Try breaking the 100mph mark. Testing was done in conjunction with BMW and Ericsson and, in fact, improves on a prior test done just months ago.