Expensive Razer Phone is still expensive, but at least it comes with a nice freebie

It’s not the ultimate bargain, but a complimentary Leviathan Mini Bluetooth speaker certainly sweetens the Razer Phone deal… for the next few hours.
LG Tone Studio

Extended LG TONE Studio deals on Amazon and B&H

The price continues to plummet on this impressive pair of Bluetooth headphones that double as portable, personal quadraphonic speakers.

The Beoplay P2 from B&O Play puts big Bluetooth sound in your pocket

Up to 50 watts of sound from a speaker that you can shove down a pocket. And it might just be right for you, if you have the trust fund to get at it.

The LG TONE PRO is a set of entry-level neckband Bluetooth speakers

If the LG TONE STUDIO and the LG TONE FREE are priced a little too rich for your blood, hop over to your local carrier or big box for one of these.

Sony Xperia XZs in India with sales starting April 11

By consequence of industry, the phone with the best of last year has come in 2017. There’s even a freebie for those who pre-order this 50,000-rupee phone.

Hound-powered Hurricane on Kickstarter is the DJ’s Echo, Google Home

Wanted an Amazon Echo to make some sick playlists for you and soundtrack your day? Boombotix hopes to provide that speaker for you.

$50 off Amazon Echo, Tap, but not at Amazon

Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond are bringing the big buck blow-offs to some Bluetooth bellow-blasting speakers against Amazon.

Jawbone stops the factories for one last-chance wearable

Sources say Jawbone has sold off its inventory of UP fitness wearables and is looking to sell its Bluetooth speaker business.

Sonos Trueplay makes Bluetooth speaker EQ smart

When you go to a dorm or off-campus party these days, you’ll…

Do you have a Beats Pill+? Apple’s second Android app is for you

Beats Electronics, operating under the Apple banner, has sustained its success in…

Apple’s new Beats Pill+ is its first Lightning-equiped Bluetooth speaker

Learn more about Apple’s Beats Pill+, as the company continues to launch new products under the Beats branding, and some noticeable Apple design