To go with that new smartwatch, have a pair of Fitbit Flyer earbuds

Fitbit’s fancy new Ionic smartwatch needs a little partner for you to listen to music through. Would you get these Flyer buds?

Amazon has LG Tone Studio wearable personal speaker marked down to around $155

As compelling as it probably was at launch, the LG Tone Studio Bluetooth headset/wearable speaker system is even sweeter now.

The LG TONE PRO is a set of entry-level neckband Bluetooth speakers

If the LG TONE STUDIO and the LG TONE FREE are priced a little too rich for your blood, hop over to your local carrier or big box for one of these.

LG Tone Studio wearable audio device begins global rollout, coming to North America very soon

With four built-in speakers, a Hi-Fi DAC and one of those quirky around-the-neck designs, the exciting LG Tone Studio finally rolls out.