Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Fit are getting ready to launch

The Samsung Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Fit are getting their certifications ready to launch, maybe with the Samsung Galaxy S10

Xiaomi’s AirDots are new wireless earphones for just $30

The new Xiaomi AirDots may be a good and inexpensive option if you want Bluetooth wireless earphones to connect to your jack-less smartphone

Dual cameras, water resistance, Alexa, moderate price tag for Moto X4

Well, as mid-range as can be for a €400. It has all the specs it needs to best a predecessor from 2015. Is it priced right, though?

HTC U11 files at the FCC to allow for Bluetooth 5.0 support

The FCC is looking through some changes to the HTC U11’s radio frequency output, mainly in the form of Bluetooth 5.0 coming into play.