Get the 2:1 BLU Pure View with dual front cameras at a $70 introductory markdown
Listed on Amazon since January, the 5.7-inch BLU Pure View is only today formally unveiled and commercially released, fetching $130 instead of its $200 MSRP for a limited time.
BLU Products reaches settlement with FTC after putting users’ personal data at risk for years
Even though BLU failed to protect the privacy and security of its users’ personal information for a pretty long time, also lying about the company’s practices, the FTC is not imposing a financial penalty on the smartphone vendor yet.
BLU Vivo XL3 and XL3 Plus are properly announced and up for grabs starting at just $110
Amazon has the freshly unveiled BLU Vivo XL3 and XL3 Plus smartphones available for discounted prices of $110 and $130 for a limited time only.
BLU Vivo One Plus comes with 2:1 screen, huge battery, otherwise unimpressive specs
With a terrible name, ancient pre-installed software and modest features all in all, the BLU Vivo One Plus is likely to be saved by a killer price point.
BLU Vivo XL3 goes on sale at $190, XL3 Plus pops up on company website
Amazon has started selling an ultra-affordable 2:1 BLU Vivo XL3 smartphone with little to no fanfare, while a Vivo XL3 Plus is listed on the company’s website with no price or release date.
BLU Pure View lands on Amazon with 18:9 wide screen, dual selfie camera, $200 price
There’s a new BLU Pure View smartphone listed as “temporarily out of stock” on Amazon, likely coming soon at just $200 with several trendy features in tow.
BLU Life One X3 makes proper commercial debut to erase painful One X2 memory
Quietly listed on the company’s official website even before the highly-publicized Life One X2 bug was fixed, the BLU Life One X3 is up for grabs today.
Catastrophic BLU Life One X2 bug is finally fixed, Life One X3 quietly unveiled
If you’ve resisted the temptation of doing a BLU Life One X2 factory reset to bypass a recent password request, there’s now a way to gain back access.
Software update completely shuts out BLU Life One X2 owners from their phones
Software updates are usually a reason of joy for users of low-cost phones like the BLU Life One X2, but not when they add random passwords at boot time.
BLU Vivo 8L features ‘mega’ selfie camera and ‘super’ battery at only $200
Available for $200 from Amazon in a GSM unlocked configuration, the BLU Vivo 8L can take super-crisp selfies and last an eternity between charges.
BLU S1 launches as company’s first Sprint-supporting phone, available on Amazon today
Priced at $180, and up for grabs on, the BLU S1 is nothing to write home about, but it does support Sprint in addition to AT&T and T-Mobile.
BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 enters rugged smartphone arena with large battery, low price
The $130 BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 Android smartphone goes big on adrenaline and muscles, not so much on actual mainstream specifications.
BlackBerry goes after unlocked smartphone specialist BLU Products in latest patent battle
It’s BlackBerry Ltd. v. BLU Products, Inc. in the newest patent infringement complaint, arguably a much lower-profile case than Apple v. Samsung wars.
BLU Dash X2 and Dash M2 serve up Marshmallow and metal builds at sub-$100
The BLU Dash X2 and M2, made available stateside with little to no fanfare, might just be the country’s cheapest metal-made, Android 6.0-based phones.
Refreshed BLU Life One X goes for Moto G’s jugular, costs $100 for limited time
The BLU Life One X is possibly the third-gen Moto G’s most dangerous rival stateside, offering superior processing power and screen resolution at $100.