HTC Exodus
HTC Exodus successor coming by end of year as second HTC blockchain phone
A second blockchain phone, the HTC Exodus successor, is expected to be officially unveiled by the end of the year, according to the company.
HTC Exodus
HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone ready for pre-orders
The HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone is ready for pre-orders as the manufacturer has published full specs and pricing for the device.
HTC Exodus will be announced on October 22
The HTC Exodus blockchain phone has been in the news for quite some time but now we finally have a definite date on the announcement.
HTC blockchain phone “Exodus” will focus on decentralized apps, cryptocurrency
Blockchain is such a buzzword, but technologists see it as a way to bring data back home to users and not in Facebook’s servers. How about having that baked into a phone?