Samsung files to trademark blockchain and cryptocurrency software
Recent Samsung trademark filings reveal the company’s plans to develop blockchain and cryptocurrency software for smartphones.
HTC Exodus
HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone ready for pre-orders
The HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone is ready for pre-orders as the manufacturer has published full specs and pricing for the device.
HTC Exodus will be announced on October 22
The HTC Exodus blockchain phone has been in the news for quite some time but now we finally have a definite date on the announcement.
Active duty service members can vote with the blockchain in West Virginia elections
Those who are in the military and are away from their home state can choose to vote through a smartphone app and the blockchain.
One Apple supplier is down on blockchain, up on iPhone again
The largest contract semiconductors company in the world lost out on cryptocurrency mining chips and will rely on selling iPhone chips to make up for it.
iPhone SE stop, Surface Go | #PNWeekly 313
On our podcast this week: Microsoft has a tiny Surface tablet that costs $800 if you want it like they show it. Also, long live the iPhone X?
HTC Exodus will feature CryptoKitties and cost around $1,000
A comparable blockchain phone from Sirin Labs will cost $1,000. This one will cost about the same and have kitties to boot.
The “OnePlus 6 can’t Avenge net neutrality” Edition | #PNWeekly 305
Believe it or not, net neutrality has not been saved by this week’s Senate vote. And it probably won’t be if the House and Donald Trump have anything to do with it. That, plus the launch of the OnePlus 6 on this week’s show!
Blass: Website links HTC Vive phone with the name “Genesis”
No, HTC is not aping a Japanese video company and releasing a 32-bit console-phone hybrid. At least we hope not. But renowned leaks journo Evan Blass has some evidence against that idea.
HTC blockchain phone “Exodus” will focus on decentralized apps, cryptocurrency
Blockchain is such a buzzword, but technologists see it as a way to bring data back home to users and not in Facebook’s servers. How about having that baked into a phone?
Sirin Labs unveils the robust specs of the world’s first blockchain smartphone
Finney is the name of the world’s first blockchain smartphone, co-developed by Sirin Labs and Foxconn, with a full set of specifications revealed in advance of a commercial launch “later this year.”