OnePlus 7 could be at US carriers without bloatware

At least that’s what OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is promising: a 5G OnePlus phone coming to US carriers in 2019 with no pre-loaded fluff on it.

Samsung will allow Verizon-owned Oath to load new bloatware on phones around the world

It’s not only Verizon-locked Galaxy S9 and S9+ variants that will be getting a number of apps owned by Big Red subsidiary Oath pre-installed. Soon enough, the bloatware partnership is set to expand around the world.

Huawei integrating Android Messages app for SMS/RCS

The app will allow Huawei phones in the near future to access RCS. Huawei is also helping Google out by providing servers to carriers for their clouds.

Sprint ‘clarifies’ BlackBerry KEYone bloatware situation, software update coming soon

It was never Sprint’s intention to shove bloatware down the throats of BlackBerry KEYone users, and a fix for this vicious bug is in the works.

Sprint’s BlackBerry KEYone is filled with bloatware, deleted apps will come back to haunt you

The bloatware situation on Sprint’s BlackBerry KEYone is reportedly out of control, with disabled apps capable of coming back without the user’s approval.

Minimal Verizon bloatware on Pixel can be uninstalled

The Pixel and Pixel XL will have three apps pre-loaded by Verizon: an account management app, a media streaming service and a messages app.

Verizon could soon pre-load even more bloatware or ‘brandware’ on carrier-locked phones

Enough is enough? Not for Verizon, which is considering new, inventive ways of earning money from big brands and further bloating your phones.

Remember bloatware-loader DT Ignite? It’s now on the Verizon Galaxy S7

Digital Turbine Ignite can install and update apps on your phone at the carrier’s whim. And it’s been loaded onto the Galaxy S7 on Verizon.

Blame carriers and their bloatware for significant delays to OS updates

When all your friends are getting updates to their phones and you’re not, you can probably place the blame on your carrier and their bloatware.
Exclusive Deals Hurt

Exclusive deals are hurting, not helping, the smartphone market

Carriers, OEMs, & content providers aren’t getting the benefits they thought. Instead, exclusive deals hurt the smartphone market.

Hey carriers, hands off my smartphone’s feature set

Carrier bloat is something few like. It isn’t handled properly, it takes up space, and it’s non-removable. Read why carrier bloat should be put to rest.

How to Remove Bloatware From Your Non-Rooted Phone

Learn how you might be able to rid your phone or tablet from bloatware without unlocking or rooting!

To Improve Customer Satisfaction Verizon Shifts Gears, Adds More Bloatware

Read Verizon’s latest internal memo where they promise to deliver even more bloatware, then have the audacity to say it will improve customer satisfaction.