Blackphone review: security above all

In a world hungry for your data, a privacy-focused smartphone is a ray of hope. But how much convenience will you sacrifice for security?

By Michael Fisher August 14, 2014, 10:30 am

10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure

It's the first Android-powered smartphone built from the ground-up with the goal of keeping your data private. Here are 10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure.

By Joe Levi August 12, 2014, 9:53 am

Blackphone in pictures (Gallery)

We called the Blackphone "completely nondescript" in our unboxing, but come see for yourself what privacy looks like in our all-angles gallery!

By Michael Fisher August 8, 2014, 10:06 am

How secure could Blackphone really be?

Not long ago if you said your surfing & calls were being monitored, you'd have been called crazy. Not so now, which brought about the secure Blackphone.

By Joe Levi March 3, 2014, 7:14 am


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