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Silent Circle bricks unauthorized Blackphone 2 devices through IMEI check

The Blackphone 2 comes with a bunch of expensive software and is pretty expensive itself. Silent Circle is making sure it has a narrow, targeted audience.

Blackphone 2 makes its official launch in the U.S.

Learn more about the Blackphone 2 secure Android phone that was just announced in the US after a good deal of time since we saw it at MWC 2015.

The case against automatic updates on Android

We all hate bugs and we love new features, but are forced, automatic updates the right way to deliver them?

Blackberry vs. Blackphone: which would you buy? (Poll)

2015 is an interesting time in the high-security niche of mobile technology.…
android partnership with blackberry

An Android partnership with BlackBerry could be just what both need

An Android partnership with BlackBerry could provide the momentum and IT buy-in that both Google and BlackBerry need to break into the enterprise market.

BlackPhone BP2 hands-on: The next step in mobile security, sort of (Video)

Watch our hands-on video of the new BlackPhone BP2 as part of our hands-on coverage at MWC 2015 in Barcelona, now fully wrapping up here.
blackphone 2

Here’s what I want from a Blackphone 2

As a concept, Blackphone is an amazing device. In practice, it left quite a bit to be desired. That being the case, here’s what I want from a Blackphone 2.
blackphone 2

Blackphone previews changes coming to PrivatOS in the new year

Check out what new features you can expect from the upcoming PrivatOS 1.1 update for the Blackphone.

Blackphone giveaway: still time to win!

Paranoid about who’s reading your email? Clear your cookies every five minutes? It sounds like you should be checking out our Blackphone contest.

3 things you should do to improve your Android Security right now

Your phone is pretty important to you, and you’ve got a lot of private data on it. Here are 3 ways to improve your Android security – before it’s too late!

Smartphone giveaway: win a Blackphone from Pocketnow, GSM Nation, and Fight for the Future

Learn how you can enter the new Blackphone contest from your friends at Pocketnow, GSM Nation and Fight for the Future.

Blackphone vs BlackBerry, Galaxy Alpha, and another OnePlus screwup | Pocketnow Weekly 109

Thoughts on Samsung’s latest phone, OnePlus’s latest folly, and a deep dive on the Blackphone vs BlackBerry debate: it’s all in Pocketnow Weekly 109!

Blackphone review: security above all

In a world hungry for your data, a privacy-focused smartphone is a ray of hope. But how much convenience will you sacrifice for security?
5GHz WiFi - Image credit: Java Shock

The perfect password: is there such a thing, and how to choose it?

Passwords secure everything in our digital lives, but as important as they are, is there a perfect password, and how should you go about choosing it?
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10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure

It’s the first Android-powered smartphone built from the ground-up with the goal of keeping your data private. Here are 10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure.

The past, the present, and the future – week 32 recap: week in review

Our week 32 recap takes us into the future, back into the past, and keeps us firmly rooted in the present. All that and more this past week at Pocketnow.

LG pulls a Samsung, screens get touchy-feely, and we go dark with Blackphone | Pocketnow Weekly 108

Between the Blackphone, our Nexus giveaway, and about 80 different flavors of LG G3, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover on this week’s podcast. Tune in!

Blackphone in pictures (Gallery)

We called the Blackphone “completely nondescript” in our unboxing, but come see for yourself what privacy looks like in our all-angles gallery!

Blackphone unboxing: setting up the secret smartphone (Video)

It’s the smartphone to get if you’re serious about security – or so says the story. Join us as we begin the testing process with our Blackphone unboxing!

OnePlus One review, Fire Phone hands-on, Microsoft’s future and more | Pocketnow Weekly podcast 105 (Hangout)

On this week’s show: our OnePlus One review spurs a giveaway! Plus, bad news out of Microsoft/weird news from Apple, and hands-on with Amazon’s Fire Phone!
Secure Blackphone

Blackphone claims that “BlackBerry betrayed its customers”

Learn more about how Blackphone is defending itself against some of the criticism it recently received from BlackBerry. Some allegations have to be proven.

Blackphone orders headed out now to privacy-minded shoppers

Learn about the first wave of Blackphone orders, and when you’ll get a chance to get in on the next batch.
Secure Blackphone

Privacy-centric Blackphone nears ship date

The earliest Blackphone shipments are just about ready to go out, bringing users a new privacy-focused Android experience.

Silent Circle raises $30M to meet demand of the Blackphone

For those of you that weren’t believers of the Blackphone when it…

Does the old guard have anything to fear from new outfits like OnePlus and Blackphone?

A flood of new OEMs are entering the market. Do the established brands have anything to fear from the newcomers in the battle of OEMs versus startups?