Early Adopters: How’s the BlackBerry Z10 Treating You?

Our BlackBerry Z10 review is months old at this point, but before we give it the After The Buzz treatment, we want to hear from the early adopters!

Blue BlackBerry Z10 Shown Off In Photos

The BlackBerry Z10 is not only the company’s boldest move since the…

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BlackBerry Z10 Available To Pre-Order On AT&T

Those who want to secure their BlackBerry Z10 unit on AT&T can do so now by pre-ordering online with the carrier. Check out the details of shipping and pricing options.

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BlackBerry Z10 Off To a Great Start In India, Getting WhatsApp Next Week

BlackBerry is off to a great start with its Z10 on certain markets as the phone sold out in two days in India. With the addition of WhatsApp the company is also shortening the list of must-have applications that are not yet present on the ecosystem.

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BlackBerry Z10 Coming To AT&T On March 15?

The BlackBerry Z10 is expected to land on US carriers this month and, according to recent chatter, AT&T might have it on its line-up as soon as March 15 (same date for big box retail locations too).

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Three Things the New BlackBerry Could Learn from Windows Phone

The new BlackBerry is fresh, clean, and a lot of fun – but it has a few things to learn from Windows Phone 8. Read on to see how we think the Z10 could benefit from a close look at the Nokia Lumia 920.

BlackBerry Z10 Review

The Z10 is the first modern BlackBerry in more than five years. But is it enough to push the BlackBerry name back into relevance, and should you consider buying one? Read on to find out.

Make Your Dull Life Look Awesome with BlackBerry’s Story Maker App

Story Maker on the BlackBerry Z10 is a fun, exciting, and totally unexpected gift from the smartphone maker. Read on to see how this free app transmutes lame photos and video into awesomesauce.

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The Best and Worst of My First Week With the New BlackBerry

We’ve spent a solid week with the new BlackBerry Z10. Read on for our impressions so far as we prepare our full review.

BlackBerry Z10 vs Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)

We put the new BlackBerry Z10 head-to-head with the reigning king of Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Watch our video to see who comes out on top in what categories, and try to keep your shouting to a minimum.

BlackBerry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 920 (Video)

We put the best of the new BlackBerry – the Z10 – up against the biggest Windows Phone of them all, the Nokia Lumia 920. Watch our video to see where each of these smartphones shines, and where it falls short.

Smartphone Makers: Spend Your Money on Your Products, Not Celebrities

I don’t know how many millions of dollars BlackBerry paid singer-songwriter Alicia Keys to take her post as the company’s official “Creative Director.” I only know that it was millions too many.

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