After Facebook, BlackBerry also wants Snap to pay for messaging patent infringement

Canada-based BlackBerry Limited may be out of the mobile phone-making business, but it’s certainly not out of the tech company-suing business, setting its sights on Snap Inc shortly after Facebook.

No more BlackBerry Priv monthly updates, BB10 and BBOS support carries on

As weird as it sounds, we have bad news to report on the software support front for BlackBerry Priv owners, and good news for BB10 and BBOS users.

Gartner: BlackBerry OS market share statistically insignificant

0.0 percent. That’s in the face of tightening competition between Apple and Samsung, thanks mostly to the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

WhatsApp extends support for BlackBerry, Nokia until July 2017

BlackBery OS and BlackBerry 10 devices along with the Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 have their support periods extended with WhatsApp.

Android rises to record 88 percent Q3 smartphone sales share, as Windows ‘all but disappears’

According to Strategy Analytics, nearly 88 percent of smartphones sold worldwide during Q3 2016 were powered by Android, up from 84 last year.

Samsung Focus to launch with Galaxy Note 6 as a sort of BlackBerry Hub

Samsung may be pulling a BlackBerry in prepping a productivity app in time for the launch of the Galaxy Note 6, a productivity phone.

Hacker deems Windows Phone the ‘hardest nut to crack’, Android least secure OS

BlackBerry is surpassed by Windows Phone in the eyes of a white hat hacker as far as security is concerned, with iOS and Android numbers three and four.

Tizen overtakes BlackBerry for fourth place in Q3 2015 mobile OS ranks

Market analysis shows Tizen’s share of the mobile landscape in Q3 2015 eclipsed those of BlackBerry OS and Firefox OS, propelling Samsung’s platform to #4.

BlackBerry 10.2.1 review: ten pounds of upgrade in a five-pound bag (Video)

The world’s fourth-largest smartphone platform just got a ton of improvements. Find out how well they work together in our BlackBerry 10.2.1 review video!

BlackBerry celebrates five years of its app store with free apps

Learn about the BlackBerry free apps being made available to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the BlackBerry App World.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 029

Fresh from the BlackBerry resurrection event with a BlackBerry Z10 in hand, Michael Fisher joins his co-hosts for an exciting special extended BB10 talk. Listen in for that, plus the usual Android, Windows Phone, and iOS news & opinion!

HTC Not Ruling Out Licensing RIM’s BlackBerry OS

HTC is not ruling out a possible future license on RIM’s BlackBerry OS.

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