CES 2019 Wrap-Up: What we covered

From $400 gaming phones to strong laptops that weigh a little, write a lot and a whole lot more. Plus, watches and headphones!

TCL pre-announces Alcatel and BlackBerry plans, edge-to-edge displays for CES 2019

New mid-range and budget phones to be expected, further availability of the latest BlackBerries and edge-to-edge displays are due in Vegas.

Pocketnow’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

If for one reason or another you really want to get your loved ones the right phone this Christmas, let us help! Sponsored by the all-new OnePlus 6T.

Atomic and Champagne BlackBerry KEY2 LE available in US

The Champagne color will be available at both Amazon and Best Buy while the Atomic color is just at Best Buy. And it costs $500.

On the Road Again… with Michael Fisher | #PNWeekly 334

On our show, Mr. Mobile is taking us along in a hydrogen cell vehicle as we review the best in mobile tech in 2018 and take a view to 2019.

BlackBerry KEY2 LE also available through Best Buy, too

BlackBerry is expanding its sales to Best Buy with the Slate color coming first and a Champagne color coming next month. Pricing will vary.

Who said IFA 2018 isn’t about phones? | #PNWeekly 320

Nine Android phones have launched and we expect more to come along soon. We also cover Xiaomi’s OPPO Find X and other mobile tech news in our show!

BlackBerry lites up, Lenovo snaps up a new dragon | IFA 2018 Daily: Day -1 and 0

Laptops from Acer, ASUS and Lenovo and a quintet of phones from the well-meaning to the overachieving. You know it’s a trade show out there.

A more colorful BlackBerry KEY2 LE is also more accessible

But with the lower price comes spec downgrades. And the KEY2 didn’t really provide big punching power in the first place. But are the complaints valid?

BlackBerry KEY2 LE looks set for IFA 2018 debut

TCL is presenting an event in Berlin on August 30. It’s got something to do with BlackBerry. We have a guess as to what it might be.

BlackBerry KEY2 Lite actually has a different name

Documentation filed at the FCC shows off the go-to-market name that TCL is planning on using for this lighter version of the KEY2.

BlackBerry KEY2 survives better than predecessor with JerryRigEverything’s tests

Last year, phone maker TCL almost ran away with great results on durability with the KEYone… with one critical failure. Can it win with the KEY2?

Let there be a second Light | #PNWeekly 314

Thoughts on the KEY2, the refreshed MacBook Pro, holes against notches, dating with people who have iPhones and a whole lot more on our show this week!

BlackBerry KEY2 Lite said to shine bright in three colors

This “lite” phone comes in a charming red, but is just about the same size as a regular KEY2. So, what makes it so lite? The specs? The build?

Unlocked BlackBerry KEY2 pre-orders kick off June 29

The KEY2 will be made available in typical GSM unlocked fashion in the states. Will there be a carrier deal coming up? We don’t know yet.

WWDC 2018 and BlackBerry’s KEY2 success | #PNWeekly 308

BlackBerry has a new phone to last a weekend, feature a keyboard and much more while Apple has surged in software in some places and lagged in others.

TCL giving away a BlackBerry KEY2 every hour during its New York pop-up

If you’re liking what you see on the latest smartphone from BlackBerry Mobile, you may find it worth the while to hop down to New York for a gander.

BlackBerry KEY2 brings the Speed Key for two-touch multitasking

There’s a brighter charge to the hardware specs on this productivity phone with even more features to protect users from unscrupulous apps.

A ‘pop-up showroom’ will let you ‘experience’ the BlackBerry KEY2 next week in NYC

The highly anticipated and long overdue BlackBerry KEY2 smartphone will be formally unveiled on June 7 in NYC, and showcased the next two days in a “pop-up showroom.”

BlackBerry KEY2, Ghost both rattling towards launches

The former gets treated with a new video and a look at a special key. The other phone (or two) gets a general release timeframe.

BlackBerry KEY2 event scheduled for June 7

The launch event is happening at 10am in New York. We have a summary of a fewtricks this KEY2, formerly codenamed “Athena” has in store.

John Chen wants to see a $150 BlackBerry Bold 9900 revival

It’d be cheap, do little, but do it well and do it securely. It’d be affordable enough to be a second phone, a work phone. And BlackBerry’s CEO wants it bad.
BlackBerry KEYone unboxing

Blackberry Smartphone Fan League lays the marketing in the fan’s hands

“SuperFans” are encouraged to act as part of BlackBerry’s marketing arm and, in the process, hope to win prizes along the way.

First Android Enterprise phones outed from Google to Huawei to LG

21 Android phones have been certified as great options to deploy in the enterprise space. The key here? Software update and OS update guarantees.

BlackBerry KEYone’s new permanent price is $500

At 9 months in, the first official phone from licensee BlackBerry KEYone is getting a permanent markdown. How does this line up with other options?