BB10 still haunts BlackBerry as class action suit is allowed to proceed
New data from another lawsuit has been allowed to be part of the basis of this new lawsuit claiming that BlackBerry misrepresented sales prospects of BlackBerry 10 OS phones.
No more BlackBerry Priv monthly updates, BB10 and BBOS support carries on
As weird as it sounds, we have bad news to report on the software support front for BlackBerry Priv owners, and good news for BB10 and BBOS users.
BBM premium features go free – but will they be enough to keep users?
Learn about the once-pay BBM premium features that are now free for all users to take advantage of.
WhatsApp gets ready to drop unpopular platforms – including BlackBerry
BlackBerry WhatsApp support is about to go away for good, along with Symbian and other aging platforms.
3 great BlackBerry 10 features (that might die with it)
Despite its lack of traction with consumers, BlackBerry 10 has some fantastic assets we hope BlackBerry can bring to Android before it’s too late.
CEO John Chen on recovering BlackBerry’s “sexiness”
We’ve heard BlackBerry CEO John Chen give his perspective before on the…
BlackBerry keeps the Passport going with new Silver Edition hardware
Learn what cosmetic changes are in store for the new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.
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In our BlackBerry Classic Review Rebuttal, we don’t only look at the device, we check out the BlackBerry lifestyle.
CES 2015: Everything we got to see at this year’s show
Been hiding under a pile of coats for the past week? Shake off the cobwebs and get caught up with our CES 2015 wrap-up.
BlackBerry Classic launches with a very familiar look
Check out the new BlackBerry Classic, the latest BB10 model that isn’t afraid to take some serious inspiration from older handsets.
BlackBerry’s got (a little) good news in its latest financial report
The latest BlackBerry income report contains a glimmer of hope for the maligned smartphone firm, as it returns to profitability.
BlackBerry considers what success it could find with a phablet
Will we ever see a BlackBerry phablet? Find out what CEO John Chen has had to say about the possibility, and why it might be more likely than a new Playbook
BlackBerry CEO talks plans for future, engaging customers, and budget phones
In a new BlackBerry John Chen interview, the company head talks about what it’s like being a “turnaround CEO” and his goals for BB’s future.
Pocketnow Weekly 091: brace yourselves – the reviews are coming
From the Galaxy S 5 to the Gear Fit to the Oppo Find 7a to the Nokia X, the reviews are racing for us, & we’re podcasting about them all. Brace yourselves.
Windows Phone slinks past BlackBerry to #3 in US smartphone market
It took long enough, but BlackBerry’s slump has finally gotten to the point where the Windows Phone US market share has surpassed it.
Apple CarPlay built on a BlackBerry QNX foundation?
Find out why it’s looking like Apple CarPlay runs BlackBerry – or, at least, the QNX platform on which BB10 is based.
Looking to the past won’t save BlackBerry
It’s a phone that recalls the very best of RIM’s glory days, and one I might buy myself – but the BlackBerry Q20 banks on nostalgia that no longer exists.
The BlackBerry Q20 is just the first of many “classic” BB10 models
BlackBerry’s really embracing its pre-BB10 hardware layouts with plans for a new series of BlackBerry 10 classic models.
BlackBerry launches Q20 and Z3 BB10 handsets
Learn what to expect form the just-announced BlackBerry Q20, as well as the Z3 for Indonesia.
Bloat watch: which smartphones ship with the least available free space?
Check out an interesting look at just how much smartphone free storage is available on different models, right out of the box.
As BlackBerry attempts to find its footing, government interest looks strong
Will continued BlackBerry government interest be enough to keep the company on its feet?
BlackBerry Z30: what we love and what we don’t (Video)
While it’s not a full BlackBerry Z30 review, we have spent a few days with the latest high-end BB10 smartphone; here’s what we love, and what we don’t.
Pocketnow Weekly 076: inbox zero
Every week we get tons of listener mail that we put off. Not today. Welcome to the last Pocketnow Weekly podcast of the year, 076: “Inbox Zero!”
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