Black Shark 2 Pro announced with killer specs on the cheap

The Black Shark 2 Pro was announced today by the Xiaomi-sub brand and it brings overkill specs for a gaming smartphone at a great price.

Black Shark 2 thrice as fast with 12GB of RAM

The phone is set to come out on Monday, March 18, and there’s all the hype to let out on social media before the Black Shark 2 becomes official.

Black Shark 2 launch event cued up for March 18

The full-on follow-up to the original XIaomi gaming phone is due out in just over a week and we have very little idea on what to expect.

Xiaomi is also promising another Black Shark phone

Xiaomi has been making plenty of waves with its one-foot-forward announcements from its different divisions. Black Shark’s is another one of them.

Original Black Shark phone moves to Europe on November 16

Just because it’s not the freshest output from Xiaomi’s gaming phone company doesn’t mean it isn’t fresh to Europe. And it’s impressive.

Xiaomi may go global with Black Shark on November 9

A Chinese-only mobile gaming hardware brand may soon expand to other markets soon with an event of some sort within the week.

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Black Shark Helo offers up to 10GB RAM, more lights

With an independent HDR imaging chip attached to the display, RGB LED gradients and 10GB of RAM, there’s plenty that Helo offers.

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Huawei has put out four variants of its latest flagship smartphone, the Mate 20! Plus, a non-Wear OS smartwatch and some new peripherals!

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 to be announced October 25, Black Shark 2 on October 23

Two phones. One week. All in China. One for those who want to push their screens to the edges, the other for pushing games to he extreme.

Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2 lights up just as pretty in leaked video

The Black Shark brand is poised for growth around the world and this video may just fuel the fire of excitement for a gaming smartphone.

Razer Phone’s “TIME TO PLAY” in China is May 22

The Razer Phone has made its way around the world and around Asia, but not into China, where fresh competition has been brewing. Will Razer really take a six-month-old phone into this fight?

Nubia Red Magic is ZTE’s stab at a gaming smartphone, priced at $400 with Snapdragon 835 SoC

ZTE is officially joining the increasingly crowded gaming smartphone field with the super-stylish Red Magic powered by a slowly aging Snapdragon 835 processor.

Xiaomi-backed Black Shark gaming phone goes official with flashy design, affordable pricing

Xiaomi’s gaming-focused Black Shark smartphone is significantly cheaper than the Razer Phone, packing a Snapdragon 845 processor but settling for a Full HD+ screen.

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Xiaomi-backed Black Shark brand to launch gaming phone April 13

All we know for sure so far is that this phone will have a Snapdragon 845 processor from Qualcomm. That coming from the quasi-startup within a startup.

Xiaomi has multiple flagship phones in the pipeline, including one with in-display fingerprint recognition

In addition to the “full screen” Mi MIX 2S, Xiaomi is reportedly working on a more mainstream Mi 7, a Mi 7 Plus with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a Black Shark gaming smartphone.

Xiaomi ‘Blackshark’ benchmark and Mi 7 rumors include plenty of high-end features

Xiaomi is reportedly working on a grand total of three new high-end smartphones, including a gaming-focused “Blackshark” and OLED-sporting Mi 7.