BlackBerry KEYone marks the brand’s return to AT&T, starting September 1 in ‘Space Black’

After a relatively short period of US carrier exclusivity on Sprint, the QWERTY keyboard-sporting BlackBerry KEYone is expanding to AT&T.

‘Limited’ Midnight Black OnePlus 3T is already pretty much sold out worldwide

Following in the footsteps of other super-popular dark phones, the Midnight Black OnePlus 3T can only be found in the UK and Hong Kong right now.

OnePlus 3T Midnight Black properly goes on sale tonight, but still in limited numbers

This is definitely your best shot yet to score the dark and handsome OnePlus 3T variant, although you probably shouldn’t expect it to last long.

Another limited edition all-black OnePlus 3T enters the stage, set for a wider launch soon

An elegant new OnePlus 3T Midnight Black version is coming to North America and Europe “at a later date” with 128GB storage and $479 pricing.

All-black OnePlus 3T colette edition goes official, coming to Paris only in 250 units

Technically, that dreamy matte black OnePlus 3T is here, but you can’t have it, unless you’re really, really lucky and in Paris on March 21.

Cryptic Evan Blass tweet may hint at OnePlus 4 (5?) arrival, or perhaps a black 3T

OnePlus definitely has something cooking, but could it be an entirely new flagship phone or just a darker, handsomer color for the existing 3T?

More and more matte black iPhone 7 Plus users complain of chipped-off paint

While it doesn’t sound as serious as Bendgate or random bricking incidents in China, the latest iPhone 7 Plus build scandal isn’t very flattering either.

Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge debuts in ‘select markets’, Blue Coral reaches India

The jet black iPhone 7-contending black pearl Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is officially official, commercially launching tomorrow in unnamed markets.

‘Pearl Black’ Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is likely just a couple of days away, at least in Korea

Samsung could launch the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus-contending ‘Pearl Black’ Galaxy S7 Edge as soon as this Friday, November 9, rumor has it.

Check out the jet black iPhone 7-contending ‘glossy black’ Galaxy S7 Edge in the flesh

Does “onyx black” not feel eye-catching enough? Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in a snazzy upcoming “glossy black” coat of paint.

iPhone 7 now expected to come in two shades of black, five color options in total

There might be five coats of paint to choose from when the iPhone 7 finally launches, including two different versions of black, one matte, and one glossy.

Lumia Black update hitting unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 phones

The Lumia Black update is hitting unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 phones, alongside 820 devices, and brings a lot of goodies. Check it out!

RAW vs. JPG photography on the Lumia 1020

Find out what kind of image quality advantages there are to shooting photos in the Nokia Lumia 1020’s new RAW DNG format.

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