Bixby Everything: New Samsung QLED TVs are infused with AI

Bixby Voice will be coming along to infuse artificial intelligence into several new 4K TVs from Samsung in the coming month.
Samsung Bixby

You can (partially) disable the Galaxy S8 and Note 8’s Bixby key now with no workarounds

Samsung is probably never going to allow official Bixby button remapping, but at least you no longer need tricks to limit accidental AI activations.
Samsung Bixby overview

Samsung finally expands Bixby voice support in 200+ countries globally… for English speakers

As long as you can speak fluent English (or Korean), you can now communicate with Bixby on the Galaxy S8 across more than 200 countries worldwide.

Bixby Voice in English may be ready for global launch

The Bixby app and its sub-applications have been updated and there’s mention of Bixby Voice in the app descriptions… but it’s not on yet.

Samsung confirms that Canada will get Bixby Voice “soon”

But will it get both English and French languages fit for Canada or will the country’s Galaxy S8 users get stuck with a global Bixby Voice template?

Samsung app update hints at a global spread of Bixby Voice in English

Bixby Voice in English could be worldwide soon, if we’re to take a hint from a Samsung app update: cold comfort to the Chinese, though.

Samsung indefinitely delays Bixby China launch, smart speaker project also put on hold

Samsung’s Bixby digital assistant isn’t going many places after finally adding English voice support for the US, at least not according to new reports.

Google Assistant goes after Bixby in Korea, Samsung’s AI likely to debut US voice support next week

The voice assistant wars are about to go global, with Google Assistant beta tests underway in Korea and Bixby’s proper US launch closing in.

Samsung kicks off Bixby Voice rollout for US Early Access Program members

Samsung’s half-baked Bixby digital assistant finally gains voice capabilities stateside, but only as part of an Early Access Program.
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Samsung rolls out Bixby voice support in Korea, Galaxy S8 red tint fix worldwide

Samsung isn’t ready to admit the excessive red tint on the Galaxy S8 is a problem, sending out a software update either way. Plus, Bixby Voice in Korea.
Samsung Bixby overview

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant will launch sans US voice support on the Galaxy S8

As weird as it sounds, Samsung has officially confirmed early US adopters of Galaxy S8 phones will receive a voice-crippled Bixby assistant at first.