Samsung Pay now giving Cash Back for certain purchases

If you shop at certain retailers with Samsung Pay, you’ll be eligible to receive a small percentage back for future use with Samsung Pay.

Google Lens is coming to Google Assistant and Photos to take image recognition to the next level

Google Lens can “understand what you see”, turning your smartphone camera and digital assistant into something truly revolutionary.
Samsung Bixby options

Verizon Galaxy S8 units lack Bixby Vision shopping data

That feature, which links up with Amazon, isn’t available right now. Verizon says that it’s working with the company on it.
Samsung Bixby

Samsung bills Bixby as more than a voice assistant, with Vision and Home services also in tow

On paper at least, Samsung’s Bixby “intelligent interface” for the Galaxy S8 looks far more versatile than Siri or even the Google Assistant.