Nokia’s 5 cameras are all on the same side | #PNWeekly 321

Also on our show, Sprint goes crazy with a new plan, Fortnite’s crossplay is on Android and the Bixby key may soon get shut down… if you want it.

Software update could finally let Galaxy Note 9 owners kill Bixby key

A software update could be coming within September to allow Galaxy Note 9 users to not get so frustrated if they accidentally press the Bixby key.

Does the LG G7 have a Bixby Button?

New speculative renders show the upcoming device to feature four buttons on it siderails. Now, if two of those buttons control volume, what do the other two do?

Latest Bixby app update completely disables Bixby Button

A Bixby Services update has finally taken off any function for when users press the Bixby Button and it’s disabled on their phone.
Samsung Bixby

You can (partially) disable the Galaxy S8 and Note 8’s Bixby key now with no workarounds

Samsung is probably never going to allow official Bixby button remapping, but at least you no longer need tricks to limit accidental AI activations.

One Kickstarter wants to kill the Bixby Button with a Galaxy S8 case

If you find no use in Samsung’s Bixby assistant service, but keep on tapping that annoying button on the side, you might be interested in funding this case.

BixRemap brings back Bixby Button remapping on Galaxy S8, but for how long?

Samsung has been quashing grassroots groundwork to be able to reprogram the Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button, setting up for a literal Dave vs. Goliath battle.