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Pocketnow Daily: DIFFERENT OnePlus Nord for the US Coming Soon?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the OnePlus Nord coming to the US, tons of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 leaks, and more
samsung galaxy home
Samsung still working on the Galaxy Home smart speaker
Samsung said that the company is still working on the Galaxy Home, but it shouldn’t take a company like Samsung an entire year to finalize a speaker.
Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker could finally arrive in Q3
The Samsung Galaxy Home was introduced in August 2018, and it’s still nowhere to be seen. The company now says it will arrive in the third quarter.
6 months of Spotify Premium free for Galaxy S10 buyers
If you’ve bought a Galaxy S10 device in the United States and have yet to try out Spotify Premium, you can get 6 months for free.
Remapping Bixby button
Remapping the Bixby button now possible on Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note8 & Note9
Several reports are claiming that updates are going out to older Bixby-enabled Samsung flagships that allow users to remap the Bixby button.
samsung galaxy home
Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby-powered smart speaker will launch by April
The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker will most likely launch by April, according to the company’s CEO DJ Koh.
Remapping Bixby button
Remapping Bixby button on the Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note8 & Note9
Remapping Bixby button options that allow you to open any app will be coming soon to the Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note8 & Note9.
Galaxy S10’s Bixby button now has option to open any app
Samsung’s Bixby AI service isn’t necessarily where we would want it to be and it seems like the company tacitly acknowledges that.
Verizon won bid to be first carrier to have 5G Galaxy S10+
According to XDA-Developer’s Max Weinbach, it seems like there was a bidding war for the privilege to carry the company’s first 5G phone.
Upgraded Bixby will be featured on the Samsung foldable smartphone
An upgraded version of Bixby will be debuting early next year on the upcoming Samsung foldable smartphone, official confirms.
Samsung demonstrates Infinity Flex Display with One UI
That foldable Galaxy smartphone will be coming fast and furious at us, but before that, let’s get to know the display that will be on it.
Nokia’s 5 cameras are all on the same side | #PNWeekly 321
Also on our show, Sprint goes crazy with a new plan, Fortnite’s crossplay is on Android and the Bixby key may soon get shut down… if you want it.
Software update could finally let Galaxy Note 9 owners kill Bixby key
A software update could be coming within September to allow Galaxy Note 9 users to not get so frustrated if they accidentally press the Bixby key.
Bixby button
Samsung is getting help from Google to improve Bixby
Samsung may have found the fastest way to make Bixby improve as a digital assistant with help from Google on Artificial Intelligence
Samsung makes the Bixby speaker known as Galaxy Home
It turned out that Samsung used 160 of these smart speakers to power the presentation at its venue. But sound isn’t the only asset this speaker has.
Samsung mobile chief isn’t afraid to flaunt Galaxy Note 9 in public
An executive from the chaebol came to China to address the questions fans had and was spotted using a future phone. Good move?
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo manual confirms dual rear camera, removable battery
A low to mid-end Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo smartphone, carrying model number SM-J720F, is apparently in the pipeline with dual rear-facing cameras and a user-replaceable battery.
Does the LG G7 have a Bixby Button?
New speculative renders show the upcoming device to feature four buttons on it siderails. Now, if two of those buttons control volume, what do the other two do?
Samsung confirms that Canada will get Bixby Voice “soon”
But will it get both English and French languages fit for Canada or will the country’s Galaxy S8 users get stuck with a global Bixby Voice template?
Samsung U Flex headphones work best with Galaxy S8, at least until Note 8 arrives
The bendable, lightweight and cable-free Samsung U Flex headphones are probably not made or “tuned” by Harman, but they still sound very nice on paper.
Samsung adds Bixby functionality to Korea-only Galaxy J7 (2017) variant
Compared to the “international” Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017), a brand-new model available in Korea at around $510 gains Bixby assistance.
This is apparently the Samsung Galaxy C10, the company’s first dual camera phone
Check out the typical CAD render and 360-degree video dance of the Samsung Galaxy C10, dual camera setup, front-mounted fingerprint sensor and all.
Unofficially, Samsung’s Bixby assistant can be made to (partially) work on older Galaxy phones
Technically, Samsung’s Bixby assistant only works with the as-yet unreleased Galaxy S8 at the moment. But it’s pretty easy to get it on the S7 too.
Bixby is counting on the one thing you can’t count on – developers to buy in
Bixby has some lofty ambitions, and Samsung is going all in on…
Samsung Bixby
Samsung bills Bixby as more than a voice assistant, with Vision and Home services also in tow
On paper at least, Samsung’s Bixby “intelligent interface” for the Galaxy S8 looks far more versatile than Siri or even the Google Assistant.