Xiaomi teases in-display fingerprint scanner with large active area

Xiaomi’s president is teasing a new breed of in-display fingerprint scanner which has a much larger active area than others.

Samsung’s first 5G phone is a unique and limited edition Galaxy S10 model

It’s been described with a 6.7-inch screen, an advanced facial recognition system and a hefty price tag. And it will only be available in two markets.

Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint sensor will be on the Galaxy S10

Sense ID beams ultrasonic waves to fingerprints and the sensor reads back echoes to authenticate users. Samsung may be looking to this security measure.

Want Touch ID to return to the iPhone? You’re not gonna like this prediction

This prediction comes from a generally well-regarded market analyst that has been tracking Apple for many years. Chances are, he’s right.

How much would you pay for the Xiaomi Mi 8X with in-display fingerprint scanning?

It has aspects of the Mi 8 SE and supposedly has a big feature grabbed right from the Mi 8 Explorer Edition. How much will it be?

Galaxy Tab S4 firmware shows us how to use Intelligent Scan

Look into the eyes of your Android tablet and what it will see is a way to check to make sure you are who really owns the Tab S4.

Parts crunch: Apple still two years ahead of competition with TrueDepth, Face ID

Android phone makers will take until late this year at the very earliest to be able to come up with an answer to Face ID, Animoji and the TrueDepth camera.

iPhone X ad for Face ID features vanity bug

It’s a minor bug for sure, but it just doesn’t look right — especially for it being part of a feature highlight in a very expensive advertisement.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Galaxy S9 updated right out of the box in US

The camera and face unlock features both got stability updates to make sure they really worked smoothly from day one of ownership.

Facebook facial recognition method in the works for authentication

Facebook is trying to see if it can start booking users into its system by scanning their faces. Android and iOS devices are expected to take it on.

Galaxy Note 8 facial recognition dubious as flat image authenticates a store unit

We haven’t strayed far from the minimum effort required to topple the facial recognition barrier for a Galaxy S8. Just replace ‘S’ with ‘Note’.
Galaxy S8 Plus fingerprint sensor

Next-gen Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor for Display works under OLED screens, OEM tests kicking off soon

The all-new Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor for Display sounds like everything Samsung needs to get rid of awkwardly placed rear-mounted scanners.

Samsung quickly brushes off Galaxy S8 iris security concerns, though it’s still looking into the ‘issue’

Is the security of iris recognition technology on the Galaxy S8 an “issue”? Probably, although Samsung thinks a hack is difficult to happen in reality.
LG G6 review

Facial recognition software may arrive soon on LG G6, with secure payment support

Both LG Pay support and “3D face scanning” tech could be enabled on the LG G6 in a couple of months, with the two services even working together.

Samsung may supply its own fingerprint sensors

It produces AMOLED panels and memory chips for other manufacturers. It could add one more smartphone component to its “can-do” list.

Visa Checkout, Masterpass come to Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Wallet in 2017

Android Pay will receive both Visa Checkout and Masterpass compatibility while the latter will hitch to Samsung Pay and Microsoft Wallet, too.

LG biometrics sensor claimed to be thinner, more accurate

It’s 1mm thin and is said to perform much better than previous heart rate, stress and blood-oxygen sensors.

Samsung thinks about adding biometric authentication to smartwatches

A new Samsung patent reveals one possible way to do smartwatch biometric authentication – will we see it on a future Gear model?

Samsung bioprocessor can measure body fat, skeletal muscle mass, stress levels

Plenty of that smart wearable tech we have in our offices are…

Bank of America now has Apple Watch app and biometric login on Android, iOS

There’s a convergence of news in the mobile technology sphere today from the…

Advanced biometrics and the ears who use them

Advanced biometrics, including iris scanning and ear scanning may be coming. We already have thumbprints. Where will it end?

Microsoft bakes-in biometric authentication to Windows 10 with Windows Hello

Discover what Windows Hello will do to make Windows 10 both secure and easy to use.

Apple’s Touch ID biometrics could lead to more outside of mobile

Apple’s Touch ID biometrics could lead to more biometric security outside of the tech world. It could be the best way to get the tech into the public mind.