Xiaomi teases in-display fingerprint scanner with large active area
Xiaomi’s president is teasing a new breed of in-display fingerprint scanner which has a much larger active area than others.
Samsung’s first 5G phone is a unique and limited edition Galaxy S10 model
It’s been described with a 6.7-inch screen, an advanced facial recognition system and a hefty price tag. And it will only be available in two markets.
Want Touch ID to return to the iPhone? You’re not gonna like this prediction
This prediction comes from a generally well-regarded market analyst that has been tracking Apple for many years. Chances are, he’s right.
Samsung thinks about adding biometric authentication to smartwatches
A new Samsung patent reveals one possible way to do smartwatch biometric authentication – will we see it on a future Gear model?
Bank of America now has Apple Watch app and biometric login on Android, iOS
There’s a convergence of news in the mobile technology sphere today from the…