Two T-Mobile One plans, one free year of DIRECTV NOW, but only if you jump from AT&T

But only if you’re porting your numbers from AT&T, which runs DIRECTV NOW. The Un-carrier wants to stick it to a big conglomerate.

T-Mobile One earns net neutrality doubts from EFF

The Un-carrier is in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s ire once again as net neutrality concerns are raised against its newest (and only) data plan.

T-Mobile Binge On provider count exceeds 100 with addition of ABC, Apple Music, and more

ABC, Apple Music, Disney, Fox Now, Nat Geo TV and a few extra new ones help T-Mobile Binge On officially secure more than 100 supporting services.

Sprint “Unlimited Freedom Plan” tries out two lines for $100

That’s two lines for $100. Trials are going on in four markets – Boston, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Phoenix. Sprint’s aiming for T-Mobile’s gut.

Study finds fatal flaw in T-Mobile’s Binge On scheme that can affect non-video content

Northeastern University researchers have spotted a wide exploit in how T-Mobile determines which content is free and which will be charged for.

Even more video providers join T-Mobile Binge On in 6th expansion wave

There are now nearly 90 video providers supported by T-Mobile’s rapidly thriving Binge On video streaming service, including newcomers PBS and Azubu.

T-Mobile continues to Binge On with Spotify, TIDAL, Google Play Music

A total of 13 content providers are going zero-rated on T-Mobile’s Binge On program, including Spotify, Google Play Music and Tidal.

T-Mobile Binge On and Music Freedom sign up new providers, pass 100 total

Get the full list of all the new T-Mobile Binge On (as well as Music Freedom) providers signing up for the services.

Netflix throttles AT&T and Verizon traffic, it admits

The two carriers have absolute data caps with difficult to access unlimited data plans. Netflix reduced the quality of streams to those customers.

CFO: T-Mobile “pivoted away” in promoting unlimited data [UPDATE]

Is the Un-carrier getting stingy? Its CFO talked with investors about how it needs to better its network. Here’s where Binge On and unlimited data cross.

Google and T-Mobile make nice over Binge On as YouTube signs up

Hear what T-Mobile’s done to convince Google that YouTube Binge On support is a good idea for users.

5G tests for T-Mobile don’t matter as much as making a splash

The company expects to be up there in 5G-land with the rest of the carriers. But hey, how about that Verizon?

Stanford professor argues T-Mobile’s Binge On hurts net neutrality

The Director for the university’s Center for Internet and Society penned a report detailing arguments against Binge On comporting with net neutrality.

T-Mobile simplifies Binge On controls, signs up new video providers

Manage your T-Mobile Binge On settings with expanded short code controls, as new video providers sign on.
Scared of data-only

“Productive” meetings between FCC, T-Mobile, AT&T and Comcast on zero-rate data

T-Mobile, AT&T and Comcast have had their time with the FCC to explain their zero-rated data programs. The FCC called those meetings “productive.”

John Legere offers “apology” to EFF while sticking to his Binge On guns

Weak “I’m sorry you were offended” John Legere EFF apology may be the best we get, as CEO continues to defend Binge On.

T-Mobile Binge On adds 14 services, CEO calls out critics

CEO John Legere announced that 14 new video providers have signed on to the zero-rated data program and goes after critics of it, including Google.

PSA: How to opt out of T-Mobile’s Binge On program

T-Mobile won’t say it’s throttling data speeds for all video for its Binge On program, but if you’re irked by the EFF’s findings, here’s how to get out.

T-Mobile throttles YouTube according to Electronic Frontier Foundation tests

This development may put the FCC’s meeting with T-Mobile in a new…

T-Mobile claims it “mobile optimized” or “downgraded” YouTube streams

When a company acknowledges a “less flattering” way of addressing spats with…

FCC calls for meeting with T-Mobile, AT&T and Comcast about “zero-rated” data schemes

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler previously spoke of T-Mobile’s new Binge…

FCC seems cool with T-Mobile Binge On, calls it innovative and competitive

What’s the FCC T-Mobile Binge On position? Chairman Tom Wheeler makes some very positive-sounding statements about the new service.

Is T-Mobile’s Binge On offer really too slow to be good (for everyone)?

T-Mobile. The rebel in pink. The one that asks questions from everyone…

T-Mobile Binge On offers streaming video that won’t hurt your data allowance (with a catch)

Hear about the new T-Mobile Binge On streaming video offer, what services are covered, and what are some of the important limitations.