Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs more to build than Note 8, slightly less than iPhone X

Samsung’s refined and reimagined Galaxy S9+, with its 6GB RAM and dual rear-facing camera, is almost as costly to manufacture as Apple’s fancy iPhone X.

Apple settles for uncharacteristically low HomePod profit margins to score volume

If you thought the $349 HomePod was expensive, it turns out Apple spends a lot to make its first-ever smart speaker, which makes profit margins pretty thin.

Apple makes 64 percent gross margin on iPhone X sales

A standard 64GB iPhone X costs $357.50 to make. Disregarding labor, research and development costs, that’s $642.49 that Apple pockets per unit.

Apple reportedly spends more on iPhone 8 Plus manufacturing than 7 Plus, profit margins still hefty

Apple’s 64GB iPhone 8 Plus predictably costs more to make than an entry-level iPhone 7 Plus, but still less than Samsung’s standard Galaxy S8.

iPhone X bill of materials is, obviously, the highest of any iPhone

But even at an estimated $412.75, it only makes up 36 percent of the US retail price for the 256GB iPhone X. iPhone prices in China rocket up.

Samsung Galaxy S8 predictably costs more to make than S7 and S7 Edge, way more than iPhone 7

At an estimated $307.50, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 bill of materials, manufacturing costs included, exceeds Apple’s iPhone 7 expenses by more than $80.

Weibo: Galaxy S8 will cost more to make, but maintain its price

By one count, the regular Galaxy S8 will cost $325 to manufacture, $70 more than the S7. But if what we’re hearing is true, why not raise prices?

Google Pixel XL bill of materials compares to competitors at $285.75

This larger Pixel costs $285.75. That’s compared to the regularly-sized version of the iPhone 7 at $225 and the regular Galaxy S7 at $255.

Preliminary iPhone 7 BOM is out: cheaper to make than Galaxy S7, costlier than iPhone 6s

While Apple’s profit margins should remain the largest in the industry, the iPhone 7 bill of materials exceeds that of the 6s.