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Google I/O 2019 live stream,
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WhatsApp beta features reverse image search, in-app browser
It’s not exactly clear how the in-app browser will help cut the spread of fake news as much as the other feature on WhatsApp.
Android Q beta now available for Pixel devices [U]
As of press time, Google seems to be a little stop-and-go on launching the beta program for Android Q, but the webpages have been updated.
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now open to Android users for pre-registration
Android device owners will have the first privilege of testing out the latest game from Niantic, this one on the Harry Potter franchise.
More than 7 non-Google phones will be on Android Q beta
Last year, Android 9 Pie went into the beta cycle with 7 non-Google phones, the first time it’s been done. So, what about Android Q?
Nokia 2 gets Android 8.1 Oreo, though trade-offs and restrictions apply
The advent of Android Go software for lightweight smartphones and Google’s mandate on coupling them together has made the update difficult.
AT&T’s rebrand of 4G LTE to ‘5G E’ appears in iOS 12.2 beta
The “5G Evolution” is taking place with iPhones already with a beta update for iOS 12.2. Does this mean anything to the average customer?
Brickings force suspension of OnePlus 5/5T Open Beta
Reports of freezes and failures to power on have led OnePlus to put the OxygenOS beta programs on hold for both OnePlus 5 and 5T devices.
Visible goes live with device sales, including Galaxy S9
The Verizon-backed carrier is now selling phones to its young and adaptive customers and is bringing Android users along for the wild ride.
OnePlus 5T set to benefit most in Android Pie beta
But the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T are both subject to the same OxygenOS Open Beta with Android 9 on board. Get your thoughts in here.
Beta version of Apple Music expands to Android tablets
Those who have signed up for the beta program for the Apple Music Android app can now use it on their tablets all prim and properly.
New features come to the Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android Pie
The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus devices will receive Scene Optimizer and Flaw Detection with its Android 9 Pie software
Project Fi will route all users’ internet traffic through VPN
Google’s carrier is testing out putting VPN on all connections, be it through Wi-Fi or cellular. This should enhance privacy.
Spotify prepares app for Apple Watch and there’s no offline support
The beta stack has been updated to show that Spotify is indeed working on a watchOS app, but it’ll have to navigate a few challenges.
T-Mobile OnePlus 6T can be unlocked, few carrier apps pre-loaded
Here’s the lowdown of what you can do and can’t do with this carrier-modified OnePlus 6T. Don’t worry, you can still take it elsewhere…
Fortnite for Android finally out of beta, free to install
After a couple odd months and a bumpy beta process with tribulation induced from Google for avoiding the revenue knife, Fortnite is available for all.
OnePlus Closed beta
OnePlus wants you to become a OnePlus Closed Beta tester
OnePlus is recruiting a group of elite community members to become part of the OnePlus Closed Beta program. Find out more!
Nokia 7 Plus lauded, on track for Android Pie next month
It gains praise from Expert Imaging and Sound Association for best consumer smartphone and gets a timeline for real Android Pie.
Android Pie spoiled for Nokia 7 Plus users who just got fourth beta
Those who were hoping to get an early jump on the official Android P build with the Nokia 7 Plus are a little disappointed, but a follow-up should be soon.
Jim Jannard announces RED Hydrogen One pre-order and pricing info
The cinematography company’s founder had a whole bunch of words to throw on the timeline for this hoograph-shooting camera-phone.
Spotify Lite is a playlist-only, streaming-only app
Why doesn’t it allow downloads? It would make sense for people who are on tight data plans. In any case, it’s in testing right now.
UNREAL Mobile exploits Sprint/T-Mobile merger to offer unlimited data at $15 per month
Prepaid operators are concerned about wholesale data prices from the big players going up with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. FreedomPop wants to poke a hole in that fear.
OnePlus user data tracking is not happening through badword.txt
In fact, it’s all thanks to leftover code and poor management from OnePlus between the Chinese-facing HydrogenOS and the world-facing OxygenOS.