OnePlus 6 durability inspected, approved and commended in series of torture tests

The OnePlus 6 is just as well-built and seemingly durable as the vast majority of today’s Android flagship phones, at least based on a popular “semi-scientific” YouTube review.

Your Galaxy S9 will break on the first drop, even if it’s ‘marginally stronger’ than the S8

Deemed “slightly more durable” than the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S9 and S9+ are still extremely fragile, according to SquareTrade.

Samsung Galaxy S9 durability test proves this is one well-built phone you can’t easily damage

The ultimate Samsung Galaxy S9 durability test confirms what was already easy to guess – that you can’t bend the phone with your bare hands or unintentionally scratch its beautiful screen.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro durability gets JerryRigEverything’s beating, fares well

In every major test, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has put out strengths in durable industrial design, including one weird aspect in which it especially excels.

Google Pixel 2 XL handles savage durability tests much better than baby Pixel 2 (video)

Google’s Pixel 2 XL is probably not the world’s most well-built smartphone, but at least it doesn’t present any major structural weakness.

Uncompromising OnePlus 5T escapes grueling durability inspection largely unscathed

The OnePlus 5T arguably looks sleeker than the OP5, with significantly slimmer bezels, but both phones are rock-solid and premium built.

iPhone X breakability and durability tests stress the need for a protective case

Just as expected, the new glass back and all-screen design make the iPhone X a very high risk for massive damage after a single hard drop.

JerryRigEverything takes on LG V30 in durability tests

The overall verdict is a positive one, but that wouldn’t account for everything the scratch, burn and bend tests encompass.

Apple’s iPhone 8 easily survives harsh durability test, also getting passing repairability grade

It’s hard but not impossible to repair the iPhone 8 at home. But it’s pretty much impossible to bend it and it’s not easy to scratch either.

JerryRigEverything toys with Moto Z2 Force in scratch and bend tests

Zack Nelson has put his blades and lighter to the Moto Z2 Force and, surprisingly, other than the ShatterShield screen, everything holds up well.

Customary durability tests prove ‘new’ Nokia 3310 is quite strong though far from indestructible

You don’t have to pay a small fortune to procure a nice little phone that won’t snap like a twig under pressure. Case in point, the 2017 Nokia 3310.

Premium OnePlus 5 easily passes durability tests, gets off to flying start at box office

Already hailed as the company’s fastest selling device ever, the freshly released OnePlus 5 also shines in typical durability experiments.

‘Premium’ HTC U11 fails routine durability test, bending and snapping with ease

Due in part to its “squeezable” sides and a far too flexible metal frame, the HTC U11 can apparently break under moderate pressure.

TCL responds to BlackBerry KEYone display mishaps

Bend it, drop it, pop it. The display on some BlackBerry KEYone devices can be prone to detachment and that’s a problem that needs and may get fixing.

BlackBerry KEYone bend test brings out an unglued screen

Some users have reported that even with light use, the BlackBerry KEYone’s display pops out of its placement on the device.

Xiaomi Mi 6 aces durability inspection, easily surviving bend test failed by predecessor

There’s no comparison between the apparent durability of the Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi 5, as the former looks unbreakable in “normal” conditions.

Obligatory Samsung Galaxy S8 durability tests show what it’s like to build a phone like a tank

You probably can’t beat Samsung’s Galaxy S8 durability, at least not in traditional scratch, burn and bend evaluations by JerryRigEverything.

LG G6 aces painful durability tests, proving it’s a premium metal-and-glass beast

Yes, the LG G6 is as robust as it is beautiful, containing just premium metal and glass to resist bends, scratches and general light abuse.

In durability, the Honor 6X hits JerryRigEverything’s shelf of shame

So what if the Honor 6X is only $250 in the US? Customers should expect a decent level of durability with their purchase. Does it pass muster?

No, the matte black iPhone 7 doesn’t bend, but it will scratch if you try hard enough

Indestructible? Hardly. Scratch-resistant? Not entirely. But the iPhone 7 doesn’t appear to bend, and it’s overall relatively robust.

Durability tests reveal a number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vulnerabilities (Video)

Gorilla Glass 5 may help the Galaxy Note 7 resist hard drops from staggering heights, but when it comes to mundane scratches, things don’t look great.

Wasp waist, robust body: Moto Z passes bend test with flying colors (video)

Even though it’s (rightfully) billed as the world’s thinnest premium smartphone, at 5.2mm, the Motorola Moto Z doesn’t look very easy to bend.

HTC 10 shines in bend, scratch and burn tests, impressing with its durability

Try as hard as you want, it appears the all-metal HTC 10 won’t bend. And it’s pretty hard to scratch as well, including a self-healing rear cover of sorts.