New renders give us the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy S11e

We have new renders of the new Samsung Galaxy S11e that gets some design changes when compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S10e

The Samsung Galaxy S11 5G will bring tons of power according to benchmarks

The new 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have tons of RAM under its hood, but maybe not as much storage as its LTE variant

Xiaomi POCO F1 Lite could run with Snapdragon 660

Xiaomi’s global sub-brand only has one phone out at the moment. Maybe the next one will be a lighter, cheaper version of its original?

AnTuTu crowns Xiaomi Mi 9 as best performer

The Snapdragon 855 phones are starting to dominate the benchmark score charts and their performance is strikingly powerful.

Benchmark may have reeled in “Sargo,” or Pixel 3 Lite

Even though it says “Google Pixel 4,” we see a codename in this dataset that we’ve been tracking to the Pixel 3 Lite. What’s up here?

Could a Google Pixel 4 be called “coral?” Benchmarks lead the way

The Snapdragon 855 may be in a Google-made device codenamed “coral.” It has Android Q and 6GB of RAM. But is there a case to be made here?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is starting to show us what it’s made of

We have started to get benchmark scores and some of the specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite variant that could arrive soon

It seems that Snapdragon is better than Exynos in the Samsung Galaxy S10

These are not final retail units, but the tests on the Samsung Galaxy S10 variants show that the one with a Snapdragon processor is more powerful

Galaxy M10 could be leading step in a new budget line

Geekbench runs show that it’s running with an older 32-bit chipset and fairly baseline specs for what may be part of a $200 smartphone series.

Qualcomm’s quiet Snapdragon 675 has been reference tested

It’s a downgrade? It’s an upgrade? What’s going on with this new chipset and where will it appear first? We talk specs right here.

Benchmarks confirm that the iPhone Xr and the Xs are almost the same

You can have the best 2018 iPhone without the need of paying more. That’s because the iPhone Xr is apparently the best there is according to benchmarks

Huawei P20 Pro delisted on 3DMark over benchmark cheating controversy

Reporting on how several recent Huawei phones have gamed the performance testing systems has led to UL Benchmarks to blacklist those devices.

At least one 2018 iPhone X sequel will pack 4GB RAM, according to a new benchmark

A mysterious 2018 iPhone X sequel has been benchmarked under the “iPhone11,2” codename, packing a new ARM-based hexa-core processor and 4GB RAM.

RED Hydrogen One still has Snapdragon 835, benchmark says

That Snapdragon 835 that RED founder Jim Jannard said would be on the Hydrogen One? Yeah, according to this benchmark, it’s still there.

Qualcomm rumored to have two Windows on ARM chips planned: Snapdragon 850, Snapdragon 1000

Qualcomm and Microsoft sound like they have a blueprint for Windows 10 on ARM well into 2019. One iterative chipset and one big chipset are incoming.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gets benchmarked with Exynos 9810 SoC and 6GB RAM

The first Exynos 9810-powered Samsung Galaxy Note 9 benchmark has surfaced online a full two months after the Snapdragon 845 variant also flexed its pre-release Geekbench muscle.

New Samsung Galaxy J4 renders, Galaxy J6 pricing hints and J7 Aero benchmark crop up

We know exactly how the Samsung Galaxy J4 will look, how much the Galaxy J6 is supposed to cost in India, and how outdated the J7 Aero is going to feel on AT&T.

BlackBerry KEY2 seemingly gets benchmarked, along with mystery BBE100 device

If the BBF100 is the BlackBerry KEY2, what exactly is the BBE100? Impossible to say, but a more than respectable Snapdragon 660 processor is apparently onboard.

ASUS ZenFone 5, a €399 phone, scores 90 on DxOMark Mobile test

For comparison, that smartphone camera review score matches the original Google Pixel of 2016 and last year’s HTC U11, but misses out on a wide-angle camera.

There’s an LG Q7 in the pipeline with 4GB RAM, Helio P10 SoC and ‘FullVision’ screen

Just like last year’s LG G6 inspired a budget-friendly Q6, an LG Q7 is apparently coming soon with midding specs in tow and presumably thin bezels.

BlackBerry BBG100-1 benchmark reveals middling specs in line with a KEY2 Lite variant

We have no idea how TCL might plan to name the recently benchmarked BlackBerry BBG100-1 smartphone, but something along the lines of KEY2 Lite feels like a good guess.

Xiaomi Mi 7 with Snapdragon 835 and Xiaomi valentino with SDM638 get benchmarked

A pre-release Xiaomi Mi 7 prototype curiously packs an outdated Snapdragon 835 processor over at Geekbench, while the Snapdragon 638-powered Xiaomi ‘valentino’ is completely shrouded in mystery.

OPPO F7 spotted unnecessarily cheating benchmarks

The device runs on a MediaTek Helio P60, a mid-range processor with a 12nm fabrication and eight cores. It should do fine on paper. It shouldn’t need to cheat.

Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 launches in India, J-series Android Go phone also in the works

Samsung continues to expand the popular budget-friendly Galaxy J smartphone family, with the J2 2018 officially unveiled in India, and a J2 Core likely in the pipeline running Android Oreo (Go Edition) software.

LG G7 ThinQ benchmark confirms base 4GB RAM option, Android 8.0

High-end Android smartphones with 4GB RAM are still a thing, as proven by a recent LG G7 ThinQ benchmark. But of course, a 6 gig variant could also be in the pipeline.