Pole position: Galaxy S9, LG G7, RED Hydrogen One | #PNWeekly 289

On this week’s show: the flagship smartphones of 2018 begin to reveal themselves in mysterious ways and the app and ecosystem shutdowns that flew by.

Casey Neistat to leave CNN, Beme will shut down

The video-sharing app turned digital news operation failed to pick up ground. 22 jobs are at risk while CNN reportedly writes down more than $20 million.

OnePlus updates coming and FitBit buying Pebble? | #PNWeekly 229

Is FitBit buying Pebble? Will OnePlus fix 3T touch latency and deliver a fast Nougat update? Will HP release another Windows Phone? We discuss in our podcast!

CNN buys out Beme, app shutting down January 31

The deal, with a rumored valuation of about $25 million, will bring Beme into the folds of the news organization with a new mission.

NYC video maven Casey Neistat launches vlogging app Beme

The New York vlogger co-founded Beme, Inc. and it’s main product is an app called Beme. It’s a simpler video sharing app and has to do with Kevin Spacey.