Apple Watch Series 2 devices with ‘expanded’ batteries will get free repairs for up to 3 years
If your 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 refuses to power on due to battery swelling, you no longer need a valid warranty to get the issue fixed up to three years after your original purchase.
At least 59 iPhone throttling lawsuits could turn into one giant class action lasting many years
Legal experts don’t expect courts to find Apple guilty in a class action lawsuit relating to the iPhone throttling scandal, but Cupertino obviously doesn’t need the prolonged bad publicity.
Tim Cook says future iOS update will let users turn iPhone performance throttling off
In addition to personally apologizing for the whole power management debacle, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed in a recent interview that iPhone performance throttling will soon be optional.
iPhone 6 Plus battery replacements are reportedly unavailable until March or April
If you’re looking to replace your crumbling iPhone 6 Plus battery and hopefully improve CPU performance in exchange for just $29, get ready for a long wait.
You can get a discounted iPhone battery replacement without having to pass any test
In order to make the discounted iPhone battery replacement process as smooth as possible, Apple is waving the typical diagnostic tests and requirements.
Apple promptly reacts to unexpected iPhone 6s shutdown issues with free battery replacement
Apple is acknowledging “unexpected shutdown issues” with a “very small number of iPhone 6s devices” that will get their batteries replaced for free.