Android P puts battery life first, also reimagines how apps work with Actions and Slices
Google is finally, finally, finally treating your smartphone’s battery life as its…
Exynos Galaxy S9’s quick battery drain explained away
It’s quicker to drain relative to a Galaxy S9 powered by a Qualcomm chip and quicker compared to the iPhone X, Huawei P10 and other phones. So what gives? Samsung says not much.
Sony Xperia XZ2 comes out on top in battery life tests of ‘leading premium smartphones’
According to respected market research firm Strategy Analytics, both the Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact are better in battery performance than the LG G6, iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9.
Verizon’s CEO has a dream: month-long smartphone battery life with low 5G latency
In addition to vastly improved cellular download speeds, 5G technology could come with ultra-low network latency crucially contributing to monumental smartphone battery life.
It’s not a bug, it’s a feature: Apple defends performance reductions on old iPhones
Apple has quickly reacted to iPhone slowdown accusations, admitting it intentionally put a cap on the 6, 6s, SE and 7 performance to “prolong their life.”
Apple Watch Series 3 only touts ‘over 1 hour’ of LTE talk time battery life, up to 18 hours overall
Without a doubt, the standalone cellular capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 3 are its main selling point, but also the greatest power hog.
Independent consumer body ranks iPhone 7 well behind Android rivals in battery life tests
If all you care about is battery life, the iPhone 7 may not be as good of a choice as the HTC 10 or Samsung Galaxy S7, based on this evaluation.
Samsung sets up battery test, Galaxy S7 wins it (of course)
Most often, you’ll find that if a company is comparing one of its products to the competition, it’s likely because it can show that its products are better.
Sony’s “Soft Charging” feature is a great idea
It’s a feature that’s been introduced into a beta version of the latest Marshmallow AOSP. And it’ll help the battery not destroy itself quickly.
Blu Energy X LTE: 62 hours on a charge
One of the biggest problems in mobile technology today is the battery…
Is IPv6 responsible for killing your smartphone’s battery life?
Network changes may be necessary to ensure that IPv6 power consumption doesn’t adversely affect smartphone battery life.
Learn about Microsoft HoloLens’s battery life, field of vision and its wirelessness
The viewing experience will be like sticking a 15-inch monitor roughly a foot from your face. This factoid and plenty more in a 22-minute video.
The Huawei Mate 8 is the new flagship to beat for battery life
Huawei’s new flagship smartphone makes some smart sacrifices to deliver endurance unlike any other high-end phone we’ve tested.
Debacle over Samsung- and TSMC-sourced Apple A9 processors
Apparently. when you tell two people to do the same job, no…
Extending smartphone battery life: how to become a real road warrior, if needed
There are many ways you can go about extending smartphone battery life, and we lay out a few of the more common ones here.
WALDIO could mean faster phones and longer battery life
WALDIO, a newly announced technology would make your smartphone faster and your battery last longer, and it does it it by marrying two unlikely components.
The era of great smartphone battery life has come – and gone
Excellent smartphone battery life has for years been the rainbow unicorn of the mobile world, and that doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.
Move over Qi-charging – every smartwatch should have third-party battery bands
By USB or by wall outlet, our gadgets receive energy and store…
qualcomm quick charge 2.0
Your next phone needs Qualcomm Quick Charge built-in
Thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge, if you’ve got the right charger and the right phone, charging can be pretty quick!
Power saving modes are not the answer
Does your phone have a power saving mode? Read why these features that trade convenience for a little extra juice defeat the purpose of a smartphone.
quick charge or capacity
Quick charge or capacity: which is more important to you? (poll)
Smartphones and tablets don’t seem to be getting any less power-hungry, which begs the question: Which is more important to you, quick charge or capacity?
fire phone
System updates can improve battery life; here’s proof
Amazon’s new Fire Phone originally had pretty poor battery life, then, after a system update, something amazing happened!
Every smartphone needs Oppo’s Rapid Charge technology
Battery life, though marginally improved from years past, remains to be an issue. Learn why every OEM needs Oppo’s rapid charging technology.
Are third-party battery saving apps worth it?
Battery saving apps are very plentiful in app stores, but do they actually work? Are they worth the money? What are the down-sides? What else can you do?
Extreme Power Saving turns the HTC One M8 into a cameraless dumbphone (that lasts for days)
HTC touts its new Extreme Power Saving mode as one of the most useful features of the new HTC One M8. Find out how well it works in the real world.