Intel ‘eliminates’ division responsible for wearable devices, switching focus to AR
Intel probably deemed the effort needed to recover from Basis recalls unnecessary, instead pulling the plug on wearables altogether.
No basis for Intel Basis smartwatches in the near future
Intel’s Basis brand is getting a cool-off period after every watch was recalled. Third-party partnerships will apparently be the way to go.
Intel denies ditching wearables after Basis recalls, though layoffs are rumored
After Intel recalled every existing Basis fitness device because of its overheating processor, it is said to be going through a lean period in wearable R&D.
Intel offering Basis B1 refunds in wake of platform shutdown
The Basis software platform is shutting down, which effectively makes every fitness tracker out there useless. That includes the Basis B1.
Overheating issues force Intel to recall every Basis Peak wearable ever sold
Anybody remember the Basis Peak fitness watch? Anyone actually owning it? If so, you want to stop using it ASAP, and return it to Intel for a full refund.