Bank of America kills Windows 10 app sooner than expected

The end of the banking app came before the end of July and it does not bode well for the state of the Windows 10 app market.

Wells Fargo launches more than 5,000 ATMs with NFC support

Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay users or those with the Wells Fargo Wallet app can simply tap into an ATM, enter their PIN and withdraw.

More banks agree on supercycle for glamorous iPhone 8

Pricing continues to stick up into the four-digit range while shipment targets have now stretched from late September to November.

Merrill Lynch predicts iPhone 8 delays running at least 3 weeks

It’s not just that the hits keep on coming, but rather the banks keep on betting. But does that really mean that the iPhone 8 will come mid-October?

Apple Pay bank support better by 40 in China, UK, US

In the US, Apple Pay now has the support of over 1,900 financial institutions and retail loyalty programs. A new bank in the UK and China join in.

Add cards to Android Pay directly from Bank of America, BNZ, USAA apps

Not only can you add Bank of America, BNZ, Discover, mBank and USAA cards to Android Pay, you don’t even need the Android Pay app for it.

70,000 ATMs in US to get QR, Touch ID withdrawals

FIS and Payment Alliance International have linked up to bring “Cardless Cash” technology to a network of about 70,000 ATMs in the US.

Wells Fargo Wallet, because you don’t want Apple Pay or Android Pay working with other banks

Wells Fargo Wallet will be a mobile payments feature exclusive to Android phones and will let them work with the bank’s ATMs.

Leak shows Bank of America app going Windows 10 universal March 28

The bank retreated from Windows Phone 8.1 development early last year. But rumors and leaks have been hinting at an app re-launch on all things Windows 10.