Back up your data or else with MacBook Pro (2018)

If your laptop’s logic board fails, be warned that one of Apple’s design changes to this year’s MacBook Pro may ruin a last chance at saving your data.

iOS 11.4 finally allows storage of Messages in iCloud

Unlike other chat clients and other cloud storage platforms, Apple’s ecosystem didn’t link one to the other for personal backups… until now.

AirPlay 2 and iCloud Messages backup are in iOS 11.4 developer beta

iOS 11.3 is done. Barring any bugs that pop up out of nowhere, it’s onto the next minor update. And there are some great features still being held back.

Google make it right on USB-C to 3.5mm adapter and Google Photos backups on Pixel

The dongle now costs way less and is more convenient to replace if needed. Google Photos backups on the original Pixel phones aren’t going anywhere.

Will Android backups ever reach parity with iCloud?

System backups of any kind are great. Knowing that your information is…