LG foldable phone design of 2016 shows up at patent repository

It has two displays, two batteries, two headphone jacks, a hinge and all of the creativity that only two years ago could bring.
Foldable smartphones

Qualcomm tells of foldable phone struggles

Research and development has been happening for a long time, but foldable displays still aren’t at the stage where they can survive three years of the bends.

ZTE Axon M comes to China, set for Europe

China Telecom, Vodafone UK and Telecom Italia are the carrying partners for the foldable smartphone while ZTE and JD in China fly the unlocked banner.

What is Pocketnow looking forward to in 2018?

Our publication has a wishlist (of sorts) for 2018 — because if it’s for Christmas, you’re trying way too hard. Will the mobile technology scene conform to our desires? Check out the trends we’re looking at.

New report confirms Huawei’s negotiations with AT&T and Verizon, adds Xiaomi into the mix

Reports are starting to pile up of advanced discussions between Huawei and both AT&T and Verizon for future partnerships, with Xiaomi also in the mix.

You can’t play HD Netflix content on the OnePlus 5 or 5T, but a software update is coming

If you want to stream HD Netflix movies and shows on your OnePlus 5 or 5T, you’ll have to wait for a future software update.

Dual-screen ZTE Axon M goes $200 off list to $525 with AT&T installment plans

As long as you don’t mind paying for the dual-screen ZTE Axon M smartphone over 24 or 30 months, you can get an important discount from Best Buy.

AT&T tries to sweeten ZTE Axon M purchase with $100 gift card

How much does $100 do for you for owning a phone with a second screen that folds out? AT&T’s hoping it’ll do something for you.

ZTE Axon 7 purportedly discontinued in the US, Axon 8 hopes linger on

While we continue to wait for an already long overdue Axon 8, a prospective ZTE Axon 7 buyer has been told the 2016 phone is out of production.

ZTE Blade V8 Pro down to $150 as part of Black Frday Week

In addition to a discount on a well-equipped budget phone, you’ve got discounts on accessories for the latest foldable smartphone.

Analysis: Foldable smartphones tidal wave incoming from 2018

More phones that can fold, bend and dance in your hands are coming in the next few years. Are you ready to pay for one? Might want to check the Axon M out.
ZTE Axon 7 Mini

A more conventional sequel to the ZTE Axon 7 confirmed to be coming

The foldable Axon M may be a fresh take on what a smartphone can be and it’s on AT&T now. But for fans of the Axon 7, there’s more to come.

AT&T will start accepting online orders for dual-screen ZTE Axon M on November 1

Unveiled less than two weeks ago, the AT&T-exclusive ZTE Axon M is pretty much ready for primetime. Too bad it costs $725 all in all.

New Mate, New Axon, New BlackBerry ft. CrackBerry Kevin | #PNWeekly 275 (Audio)

The Huawei Mate 10 and ZTE Axon M for AT&T got their launch events this week! We talk about those and BlackBerry’s latest moves with CrackBerry Kevin!

Folding ZTE Axon M snaps into AT&T lineup

This is the Chinese manufacturer’s first flagship device on an American carrier ever. ZTE hopes it will unfold into a butterfly.

Meet the ZTE Axon M! (Hands-on video)

Watch our initial impressions of the ZTE Axon M. It turns out that bringing back the design of two displays on one phone is not a bad idea any more.

AT&T-bound ZTE Axon M marked down at FCC

The FCC filings clearly show that the ZTE-made device is intended for AT&T with all cellular bands tested — including Band 30, which is building out.

ZTE Axon M, aka Axon Multy, shows its original foldable design for the first time

Not quite as flexible as you may have hoped, the impending ZTE Axon M still looks special in a pair of glamour shots with a pair of Full HD screens.