ZTE Axon 9 teasers show the company’s back in business

Months of business have been lost thanks to a rigorous defense against an imports ban. How does ZTE get back up again? By launching a new phone.

ZTE to skip Axon 8, go for Axon 9 this year

The CEO of the Chinese smartphone maker made the announcement while attending the domestic launch of the Axon M. And while he doesn’t say why, why the number skip is happening isn’t just about keeping up with the Jonses.

ZTE gets an Android 8.1 phone certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

But what phone is it? ZTE had grouped up quite a few fans with its Axon 7 in 2016, but with a gap year in what many consider the series’s lineage, there’s some wonderment as to what to expect.

ZTE Axon 7 purportedly discontinued in the US, Axon 8 hopes linger on

While we continue to wait for an already long overdue Axon 8, a prospective ZTE Axon 7 buyer has been told the 2016 phone is out of production.

The HTC Pixel 2 XL and the cutting-edge Razer Phone | #PNWeekly 277 (Audio)

HTC puts out two more phones for the end of 2017, each with their high points. But the elephant on our show here is the Razer Phone.
ZTE Axon 7 Mini

A more conventional sequel to the ZTE Axon 7 confirmed to be coming

The foldable Axon M may be a fresh take on what a smartphone can be and it’s on AT&T now. But for fans of the Axon 7, there’s more to come.

ZTE Axon 8 would not be something between an Axon 7s and Axon 7, right?

Or, a watered-down Axon 7s? The codename seems to say it, but we’re not buying it. Is this an Axon 7h, where the “h” stands for… well.