Apple confirms laying off 190 Project Titan self-driving car employees

190 employees involved in Apple’s Project Titan self-driving project will be laid off, and Apple confirmed the move, according to a recent report.
Apple Van

Apple Car to become Apple Van? Is Apple going to build its own Van?

A recent report claims that Apple’s Project Titan is no longer about building an Apple Car, but it could very well be about building an Apple Van.
Apple Car

Apple lays off 200 employees working on self-driving car project

It looks like Apple just confirmed laying off 200 employees that were working on its own self-driving project dubbed Project Titan.
Apple self-driving car

Apple self-driving car involved in accident, nobody injured

An Apple self-driving car has been involved in an incident where it was rear-ended by another vehicle as it was waiting to merge.
Autonomous Car

The State of Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars will change the way we live, day by day. The car industry needs a breath of fresh air to boost the technology to the next step!