You won’t believe who filed the most patents for self-driving cars

According to a recent report, out of the top 10 companies that filed for patents related to self-driving cars, only 3 are in the car industry.

Elon Musk reconsiders: Tesla stays public

After talking with shareholders and the Board of Directors, Elon Musk informed everyone via a blog post that Tesla stays public.

Can the Dash app train you to be a better driver? One year road test!

Can the Dash app train you to be a better driver? Will it help you save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance? Here’s our one year road test!

Windows 10 Mobile + vehicle dash with HDMI-in = Cartinuum?

We take a look at an awesome DIY Microsoft Continuum car setup, using a dash unit’s HDMI input.
Android in-car experience

Here’s what we want the in-car Android experience to be like

We’re all carrying phones with us, and many of us drive cars. The two need to come together. This is what we and an Android in-car experience to be like.