Another iOS 11 autocorrect bug: it is what I.T I.S

Just as you thought it was safe to start referring to yourself in first person again, iOS has made some users incapable of describe how “it is.”

College football fans brilliantly mock Apple for recently fixed iOS 11 autocorrect bug

That weird autocorrect bug replacing the letter “i” with an A followed by a question mark symbol on iOS 11.1 devices continues to draw expert mockery.

iPhone ‘i’ bug fixed in iOS 11.1.1 update

You can now type “I love you” or “iPhone” or “iOS 11.1.1” once again without having it turn into disaster question mark boxes.

Weird iOS 11.1 autocorrect bug gets temporary workaround ahead of likely iOS 11.1.1 fix

If you’re annoyed by your iOS 11.1-running iPhone or iPad autocorrecting your lower-case “i”, you can wait for an update or try to fix the problem for now.

Apple autocorrect patent may give iMessage interface to clear things up

Sooner or later, you might not have to go in loops asking for a clarification on a text? Apple might point out autocorrected words.