Google Maps AR navigation soon rolling out to some users
The Google Lens-powered Google Maps AR navigation feature will soon roll out to a handful of users, according to the company.
Samsung continues to improve and refine the AR Emoji experience, this time with new stickers
AR Emoji features may not be the number one reason to buy the Galaxy S9 or S9+, but Samsung is definitely striving to polish and upgrade this pretty basic augmented reality experience.
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 is the world’s ‘first dedicated XR platform’ for ‘mainstream’ use
XR stands for “Extended Reality”, which basically lumps VR and AR together, with Qualcomm aiming to power the next wave of “mainstream”, high-quality, affordable XR headsets.
Samsung may want to strengthen its Microsoft alliance with ‘powerful’ wireless MR headset
Samsung’s first ever standalone headset could go beyond VR and also integrate AR technology with the help of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform soon.
We could still see the Microsoft HoloLens 2 unveiled this year with built-in LTE and an ARM processor
Competition is about to heat up in the ultra-high-end mixed reality headset space, so the long-gestating Microsoft HoloLens 2 smartglasses could see daylight by the end of 2018 after all.
Samsung adds launch-day Mickey and Minnie Mouse AR Emoji support to Galaxy S9
Whether you find the AR Emoji feature on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ fun or creepy, at least you can now lend your movements and expressions to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Lenovo has no Android Nougat upgrade planned for Tango-enabled Phab 2 Pro
We’ve seen proof of lousy software support before, but Lenovo takes things to the next level by leaving the Phab 2 Pro on Marshmallow for good.
Insiders claim Apple smart glasses don’t have a clear target yet, could end up tethered to iPhones
You probably shouldn’t expect AR-powered Apple smart glasses to launch anytime soon, as “different kinds of prototypes” are still being tested.
Asus ZenFone AR spreads to the UK with exorbitant pricing, dual camera ZenFone 4 officially coming soon
The Tango-enabled, Daydream-ready Asus ZenFone AR is the company’s first phone in years launched in the UK, with the ZenFone 4 line also around the corner.
Apple reportedly buys eye tracking-specialized company to help with AR development
Apple may have just moved one step closer to finalizing its long-rumored smartglasses, acquiring the tech behind some German eye-tracking products.
Augmented Reality museum tours are now a thing with Google Tango
Augmented Reality Museum tours are the new way to explore and learn, thanks to this new project involving Google Tango and the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.
Learn about Microsoft HoloLens’s battery life, field of vision and its wirelessness
The viewing experience will be like sticking a 15-inch monitor roughly a foot from your face. This factoid and plenty more in a 22-minute video.
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Are we getting a little too comfortable with pornography these days? After…
augmented reality smartwatch
Could smartwatches finally make augmented reality attractive?
VR headsets look terrible and AR apps make you look goofy. We’re already wearing watches on our wrists. Could we soon see an augmented reality smartwatch?
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What is Ingress and What Does Google Hope to Accomplish With It?
Learn about Ingress, Niantic Labs, and what Google hopes to accomplish with their new pet project.