Google’s YouTube-based music streaming service could be only a few months away
Even though Google Play Music and YouTube Red are far less popular than the search giant had probably hoped, a combo service of sorts is coming.
12 months of Spotify Premium streaming is now available for the price of 10
New and existing Spotify subscribers can sign up to the music streaming app’s Premium tier for 12 months at a significant discount for a limited time.
New users basically get Spotify Premium service free for three months this holiday season
Typically available for $9.99 a month with the first 30 days free of charge, Spotify Premium subscriptions cost $0.99 for three whole months now.
Sprint and Tidal’s alliance bears fruit: six free months of HiFi service for Now Network customers
It took Sprint long enough to kick off the Tidal promotion everyone was eagerly anticipating, with the carrier’s subscribers offered free HiFi streaming.
Starting with the Galaxy S8, Google Play Music is the only such service pre-loaded on Samsung devices
Google Play Music is the only audio player and music streaming service users of Samsung phones and tablets need starting with the Galaxy S8 today.
Sprint buys a third of music streaming service Tidal to create ‘game-changing partnership’
No Apple interest whatsoever in a Tidal acquisition or ‘partnership’? Enter Sprint, and its intention to create a ‘game-changing’ alliance with Jay Z.
All-new Google Play Music app rethinks the home screen, using machine learning to constantly transform
Gear up for a substantially improved Google Play Music streaming experience, centered on machine learning and user personalization.