Near-final Moto Z3 Play renders outed in leak

The renders show a most interesting development in the Moto Mods connector design in that it has not changed at all, even as prior speculative leaks marked changes.

Galaxy A6+ first Samsung mid-ranger to have Infinity Display

And don’t get us started about the Galaxy A8 — if you paid that much for a “mid-ranger,” it’d drive you insane. So, how much will this Galaxy A6+ go for?

ASUS has a better 2:1 phone in Russia, the ZenFone Max Plus (M1)

And sure, it has to be Russia getting dibs on this phone, of course. But it’s only really better than its cousin, China’s Pegasus 4S, in one aspect.

Redmi Note 5 in the wild has some major specs affirmed

Xiaomi’s first smartphone with a 2:1 aspect ratio display is looking to be one that costs about $200. And it just might have great battery life.

OnePlus 5T has 2:1 display, different dual-camera strategy

Never Settle means changing things up when they don’t work and improving on good things from last time. And the OnePlus 5T keeps unsettling.

Samsung puts up support page for would-be Galaxy A5 (2018)

Samsung Korea is getting ahead of the game as manufacturers are wont to do. But don’t underestimate snoopers’ interest in a mid-range phone.

YouTube for iPhone X now allows for pinch to zoom video

That extra-wide display will need to get filled if you don’t want pools of black distracting you from…. their darkness, we guess…

China-only ASUS Pegasus 4S is a budget approach to 2:1 display phones

As far as we know, this is the first notable phone with a 720p 2:1 display. The rest of the specs are quite decent for its class.

Europe’s Archos Diamond Omega takes the flagship dive with 17:9 display

It’s a repackaging of the nubia Z17S from ZTE and expands the market for this device to Europe. And it’s reasonably priced, too.

Huawei Mate 10 leaks see 20MP and 23MP rear cameras

Renders and photos have leaked onto Weibo and while the screen might not be as impressive as we’d want it to be, the cameras are going bigger than ever.

Ocean Master may be HTC U11 Plus with 2:1 display

Three or four new devices are slated in HTC’s near future. One of them will be the first to bring the company into the 2:1 display age.

Huawei Mate 10 has a smart text color selector on lock screen… which is 2:1

A preview clip of the interface shows implies that the main model Mate 10 will get a 1080 x 2160 display. Does this settle the score on screens?

Huawei Mate 10 rendered, measured and docked out

The Mate 10 will be much like the Mate 9. Well, there’s at least a strong sense of proximity between the two designs and a whole year.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro screen may go 2:1 while Mate 10 sticks to 16:9

The 2:1 trend is sticking on through to the fall flagship season this year. Unfortunately, Huawei fans may not have much to celebrate if they don’t pony up.

The Huawei Mate 10 looks mighty pretty, will cost a pretty penny [UPDATE]

Well, according to China standards as few phones we talk about really break the 4,000 Yuan mark — that’s US$600, by the way.

Google Pixel XL2 design, squeeze UI feature detailed

There’s no use trying to fight it: the design has mostly been pat down for Google’s next-generation Pixel XL device. But there are caveats.

Huawei Mate 10 to utilize Japan Display’s 2:1 LCD

The Mate 10 is expected to take a little influence from the industry and from Apple in particular with a new view, facial scanning and more.

Upper-tier Xiaomi X1, potentially with 2:1 screen, may replace a flagging Redmi Pro series

The Redmi Pro apparently struggled in sales and could be crowded out with a decidedly improved device with a 2:1 display. Maybe.