Artist renderings of Pixel 3 XL in black, white and blue
The latest leaks were used to aid the artist making some of the most flattering theoretical views of the Pixel 3 XL yet.
Snapchat ART will guide users through augmented reality exhibits
Jeff Koons is the first artist that will have his exhibits displayed in this program, spanning 11 locations across the globe to start.
Jeff Koons Live Case now available for the Nexus 5X and 6P
The Google Store now has stock of some Nexus Live Cases designed in collaboration with public sculpture architect Jeff Koons.
Off-beat: Taiwanese artist turns trashed mobile phones into a car sculpture
When we talk about recycling our smartphones or thinking about the environment…
Specs versus Software
Specs vs Software Optimization
Apps are getting more able but they rely on hardware to keep them running smooth. In the Specs vs Software Optimization war, which will yield to the other?
AnTuTu 5.0 overview: what’s new in this upcoming update? (Video)
One of the most well-known Android benchmarking apps will be getting better with an upcoming update. Watch our AnTuTu 5.0 video to see what exactly is new.
Dalvik vs ART
Android codebase makes the shift from Dalvik to ART
It looks like the time has finally arrived; check out the evidence as ART replaces Dalvik in the AOSP, all ready for Android’s next major release.
Art on an iPhone: the unbelievable mobile photography of Sarah Jarrett
Looking through Sarah Jarrett’s gallery, it’s hard to believe her main medium is an iPhone. In this interview, Sarah shares her mobile photography secrets.
Android devs brace for more root changes
Find out what’s going on with Android root changes and what devs are doing to make sure that root apps still function.
Dalvik vs ART
Google’s new ART may be giving Dalvik the boot quicker than you think
When talking about the VM that powers Android, the switch-over of ART versus Dalvik may happen sooner than you might think.
Next Android release may forsake Dalvik for ART
See why it looks like the ART Android Runtime could soon replace the Dalvki VM as Android’s default.
dalvik vs. art
Dalvik vs. ART: Android virtual machines and the battle for better performance
Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5 brings with it a new, experimental runtime: ART. So what’s the difference? Let’s look at Dalvik vs. ART.