OnePlus 8 Lite

Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 8 Pro LEAKED: This Seems FAMILIAR?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible leaks of the OnePlus 8 Pro, new Macs without an Intel processor and more

We could have the first Mac without an Intel processor soon

It seems that we won’t get Intel processors in a Mac after 2020 since Apple could be getting ready to include custom-designed ARM chipsets in its devices
Snapdragon 7c 8c

Snapdragon 7c and 8c enable cheaper ARM laptops

With the two Snapdragon 7c and 8c ARM processors, Qualcomm enables cheaper, and faster Windows laptops, which we’ll likely see on shelves in 2020.

Pinebook Pro Review: A $200 laptop that’s only for cool people.

A Chromebook alternative where you don’t have to install Linux yourself? And it can also run Chromium OS or Android off an SD card? Sign me up!

ARM to continue supplying Huawei with chip designs

After thorough investigation, it appears that the Arm v8-A architecture was declared as being of non-U.S. origin, so Huawei can continue using it.

Arm Cortex-A77 could boost Android phone speeds by 20%

Arm introduced its next-generation Cortex-A77 CPU design, alongside its new Mali-G77 graphics processor and Mali-D77 display processor.

Pocketnow Daily: Is Huawei LOSING their Kirin processors? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of Huawei loosing its Kirin processors, UK 5G network delayed and more.

ARM lays out plans for 5nm “Hercules” core design by 2020

It’s 5 nanometers for 5G, but there’s a lot at stake in the race between now and then and plenty of shifting sands. Will ARM have an arm against Intel?

Congress wants Huawei links investigated in Sprint/T-Mobile merger

Sprint was supposed to have cleared all of its Huawei equipment in 2013, but the House of Representatives claims it has not.

Microsoft internal email describes Andromeda as “pocketable” Surface PC

It’s convertible, foldable and could come with a stylus. It could also be canceled at any moment. But Microsoft could “blur” the lines of computing again.

HP Envy x2 Review (2018 Qualcomm)

If you hate having to carry a laptop charger around everywhere you go, but still really need a Windows PC with the ability to run full Windows programs, the HP Envy x2 with Qualcomm ARM system on a chip is the tablet PC that you should really look into.

TSMC preparing 7nm fabrication with Snapdragon 855 orders expected

Qualcomm has been a longtime partner with TSMC, but has gone with Samsung as of late. Progress on a new fabrication turned it around.

This Snapdragon is over 1000! | #PNWeekly 307

There’s probably a Snapdragon 1000 on the way and you might want to stick around and see where it will appear. Also, the Pixel 3 will be made by Google… for reals… sorta.

Qualcomm rumored to have two Windows on ARM chips planned: Snapdragon 850, Snapdragon 1000

Qualcomm and Microsoft sound like they have a blueprint for Windows 10 on ARM well into 2019. One iterative chipset and one big chipset are incoming.

ARM announces first 7nm processor core, Cortex-A76

The company also announced two complementary GPUs for AI-enhanced gaming graphics and for vibrant 4×4 full HD video walls.

Confusion surrounds Apple’s ‘Star’ project, aka N84, which could be a hybrid computer… or not

Is Apple working on an ARM-based touchscreen Mac running some sort of an iOS derivative or is N84 merely the codename of a 2018 iPhone model?

ARM denies talking with potential dark horse buyer for Qualcomm

The designer of the processor cores that are somewhat likely in your phone right now says it has not talked with the man that wants to take the company that makes your phone’s main processor private.

Black Sharks swimming, black money against cancer | #PNWeekly 299

On this show, we dive into the mobile gaming scene where a new Black Shark has emerged from Xiaomi’s pool and how the wireless trade has poured money into twisting negative research on cancer links to radiation.

Qualcomm makes case for Always Connected PCs as reviewers label them slow

The honeymoon is over for Snapdragon-powered laptops with Windows 10 and reviews have labeled the experience “slow” beyond casual use. But Qualcomm has a few videos to snap back.

“Andromeda” is a Windows 10 foldable tablet on ARM

One source claims that this device, which may be the closest thing we’ve had to a digital notebook in physical form, is targeted for 2018.

No, the Windows 10 on ARM ‘effort’ isn’t about phones, which still have Windows 10 Mobile

Although Microsoft is working closely with Qualcomm to put “full” Windows 10 on ARM-based tablets and laptops, phones aren’t getting the same treatment.

Qualcomm and Microsoft get Lenovo, HP and ASUS to build Snapdragon 835-powered ‘cellular PCs’

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 will be the first ARM-based processor powering a new generation of Windows 10 PCs from Lenovo, HP and Asus.

ARM debuts Cortex-A55, Cortex-A75 and Mali-G72 GPU

The cores responsible for that Snapdragon or Helio chip that’s responsible for running your phone are getting a big replacement run.

Qualcomm further confirms ARM-based Windows 10 devices are coming soon with Snapdragon 835

Windows 10 should run on at least one ARM-based mobile processor by the end of the year inside 2-in-1 PCs, according to Qualcomm.

The strategy on Windows 10 Mobile? Keeping Windows on cellular and on ARM chips

Keeping the OS on cellular and on ARM chips. Windows 10 Mobile has to be mobile Windows 10. The development on software continues.