The iPhone 8 and iPhone X camera experience, detailed
Three new phones, one new camera… essentially. And for the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, you’ve got new realities to discover with AR.
ARCore is Google’s SDK for augmented reality without the need to Tango
All those sensors on those Project Tango phones we saw? Google doesn’t need them anymore and has a new SDK to prove it and compete with Apple.
Insiders claim Apple smart glasses don’t have a clear target yet, could end up tethered to iPhones
You probably shouldn’t expect AR-powered Apple smart glasses to launch anytime soon, as “different kinds of prototypes” are still being tested.
ARKit will let iPhones play with objects that interact in real/virtual life
It’s the developers’ toolkit to implement their projects on Unity, Unreal and other standard engines and push them into iOS and the App Store.