MetroPCS promos 4 lines of unlimited data for $100 a month
But you’ll have to bring over a number from another carrier in order to take advantage of the deal and a free Android phone, too.
MetroPCS debuts $59 LG Aristo 2 with facial recognition and 2GB RAM
The LG Aristo 2 looks a lot like its predecessor, launching at MetroPCS for a starting price of $59 with Android Nougat, a user-removable battery, and facial recognition.
MetroPCS sets a new standard for unlimited family affordability, free phones thrown in for switchers
Four unlimited lines of MetroPCS prepaid service are only $100 a month in total right now, with a bunch of free phones up for grabs for switchers.
All-taxes-included T-Mobile One plan available now, plus a heap of free MetroPCS phones
T-Mobile’s big Un-carrier Next push for the disappearance of misleading taxes and fees is now completed, and MetroPCS has a bunch of free phones on offer.