MediaTek Helio P90 launches with ARCore, Google Lens support
This also means that this mid-ranger MediaTek chip will be pegged to Android Pie from the outset: a step in the right direction from the outset.
Just a Line is Google’s app sharing AR space with scribbles
Android and iOS phones can work together to draw doodles together, at least in some augmented reality space and at least in this new app.
Google Play Instant just one of many pre-GDC announcements
The feature is an extension of the wider Android Instant Apps initiative where users can try a game out without installing it first.
Google prototyping Article model viewer for AR and VR web experiences
As augmented and virtual reality take hold in more user experiences on the web, one of the ways Google wants to help is by introducing a model viewer.
What is Pocketnow looking forward to in 2018?
Our publication has a wishlist (of sorts) for 2018 — because if it’s for Christmas, you’re trying way too hard. Will the mobile technology scene conform to our desires? Check out the trends we’re looking at.
Google’s Tango AR program ending in March with a total of two phones
Instead, development will shift to ARCore, a wider platform where apps and web interfaces will be involved and not a whole bunch of sensors.
ARCore is Google’s SDK for augmented reality without the need to Tango
All those sensors on those Project Tango phones we saw? Google doesn’t need them anymore and has a new SDK to prove it and compete with Apple.