OnePLus 8 series launch event
Pocketnow Daily: How Can the OnePlus 8 Pro “Lead With Speed”? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the launch date of the OnePlus 8, the possible launch of the iPhone 12, and more
Google to donate $800 million to help fight COVID-19 pandemic
Google is actively looking for ways to help prevent and fight the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s also suspending some of its practices due to the situation
T-Mobile brings back iconic Sidekick brand for the world’s first ‘Smartshoephone’ (not really)
T-Mobile’s latest elaborate April Fool’s prank is a swanky pair of Sidekick smart shoes, which you can actually buy in a “dumb” variant for $65.
In a paradox, Xfinity Mobile and YouTube TV launch | #PNWeekly 247
In this episode of our podcast, we also talk about Samsung’s good and bad with the Galaxy S8 and Tizen as well as Russo-Canadian cellphone spies…
Japanese Vaprilware: Google Translate bubble wrap input
The Google Japanese Input Puchi Puchi Version isn’t going to get mass produced, but you could get your hands into an Arduino board…
Samsung can’t wait for April 1 with apparent Galaxy S8 teaser
Uh-huh, Samsung. Is that a Galaxy S8 teaser? One you plan to reveal to us on … April 1? OK.
Google’s pranks start early this year as April Fool’s gag hits Android Dev Console
We hope Google’s got better for next week, since this early Nexus Space April Fool’s joke was a little lacking.