Pocketnow Daily: The Samsung Galaxy S11 Might NOT CHANGE?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the design for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, the support page of the Galaxy Fold 2 and more

New Apple Media Event will honor favorite apps and games of 2019

Apple has sent out invites for a new media event that is going to honor favorite apps and games of this 2019

WhatsApp beta features reverse image search, in-app browser

It’s not exactly clear how the in-app browser will help cut the spread of fake news as much as the other feature on WhatsApp.

Spotify complains to EU about Apple’s “app tax” and platform monopoly

The music streaming company wants Apple to lay off interfering in its customer service, marketing and the payment systems it chooses to use.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now open to Android users for pre-registration

Android device owners will have the first privilege of testing out the latest game from Niantic, this one on the Harry Potter franchise.

Nintendo urges its mobile game developers to push fewer in-app purchases

The mobile game developer houses that have partnered with Nintendo aren’t too pleased about the policy which stems from a frankly sensical place.

Google Play supporting app developers who reward users who watch ads

The company behind Android is making it easier to implement incentives for users to watch video ads in their apps. And there’s more to come.

OnePlus launches competition to develop the killer 5G app

The phone maker is partnering with EE UK to encourage developers to make the killer 5G app of their dreams. The winners have much to gain from their pitch.

Apple Music being promoted in iOS push notifications — against App Store guidelines

Just because Apple makes the iPhone you use doesn’t mean you should be left with push notifications bothering you to subscribe to Apple Music.

Project Ara, Pixel 4 and neither the twain shall meet | #PNWeekly 345

We discuss the overhyping of patents, AT&T’s overhyping of its 5G network and content providers not buying Apple’s single-stream hype on the show!

Google’s Gboard for iPhones enables haptic feedback for free

The Google keyboard app has been updated for the iPhone 7 and later devices to utilize the Taptic Engine for haptic feedback while typing.

iOS apps can record what you do in them and then unsafely send that data

Businesses secretly record what you do in their apps to improve them. More worryingly, that software isn’t perfect at hiding sensitive data.

Google and WhatsApp are using AI to kick users, flag spam on a massive scale

Google is using machine learning to block more spam on Gmail. WhatsApp is trying to cut users who spread fake news as an election looms in India.

Essential resumes Newton Mail app at full price, free trial

CloudMagic is back in the swing of the email client race and it has brought several new features after a long dormancy and an acquisition.

Apple shut down then restored Google’s internal iOS apps [U]

Google was caught distributing an iOS app to the public along with installation clearances intended for employees only, a breach of Apple’s rules.

Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp messenger amalgam won’t come until at least 2020

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company has its eye on simplifying the direct messaging systems, but it would be a long game.

After Facebook’s shifty data collection, Apple disables its internal apps

iPhone-using employees at Facebook are left without important productivity apps while product testing on iOS has ground to a halt.

Facebook circumvented Apple to continue Onavo data collection project

“Project Atlas” has been caught out and Facebook is being punished by Apple for violation of its app distribution rules — not seemingly a privacy battle.

Apple may bulk up services revenue with gaming subscription

A “Netflix for gaming” could help Apple make more money, but there are no clues as to what it could look like for publishers or consumers.

Slow death of Hangouts begins April 16, consumers not affected

In fact, this will impact G Suite customers, more likely on the enterprise side of things. We know that Google Voice integration will be saved.

App Store and the “tax” may be Apple’s lurking shark

It’s not just Apple’s 30 percent cut from app publishers’ revenues that has one analyst worried: it’s the App Store’s sole existence on iOS.

Nokia and OnePlus too aggressive in killing background processes says one group

An app publisher has come out with a ranking of the worst Android phone makers that go overboard killing background processes.

Netflix officially cuts off iTunes billing, avoids Apple Tax

Many app publishers lament having to surrender nearly a third of their mobile revenues to Apple and Google. Netflix is no longer one of them.

Google Duo now on at least 1 billion Android devices

It replaced Hangouts as a default Android app on many devices be they phones or tablets, so it makes sense that it’s spread fast.

Spotify and Wixen settle $1.6 billion lawsuit

Spotify is working on paying money to the people who deserve the credit in making all of the music you stream from Spotify.