Apple slaps HomePod with predictably high $279 out-of-warranty repair price

If you haven’t extended your limited HomePod warranty with $39 AppleCare+ service, you may want to, as uncovered repairs will be quite expensive.

HomePod AppleCare+ plan will cost $39

For a $349 smart speaker, the extended warranty would be a good investment for the purchase, if its price is confirmed at the end of the week.

iPhone X AppleCare+ is $199, screen repairs without it are $279

And if you break something else on the iPhone X and need that fixed, be prepared to empty your wallet and weep. Consider your options wisely.

Apple is making iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus screen repairs pricier than ever

In addition to AppleCare+ coverage, screen repair or replacement for several existing iPhones is getting more expensive after the launch of new models.

AppleCare+ coverage priced at whopping $199 for $999 iPhone X, $149 for 8 Plus and 7 Plus

As if the iPhone X wasn’t expensive enough, those in need of official AppleCare+ extended warranty services will need to cough up an extra $199.

iPhone warranty eligibility guidelines leaked

Apple’s warranty eligibility rules cover the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. The leaked guideline is only just a guideline, though.

T-Mobile adds AppleCare+ to JUMP! and PDP services, also launching new prepaid plans

It’s still raining deals, discounts and plan upgrades over at T-Mobile, with Premium Device Protection now including AppleCare+, and more prepaid options.

For iPhones, AppleCare+ expands availability window up to one year post-purchase

If you’re in the United States and bought your iPhone within the past 365 days, you’re still eligible for AppleCare+. And that’s a vast change.

Best Buy lets you save $150 on select iPad Air 2 models with AppleCare+

It’s getting a little long in the tooth, but at $150 off with an extended warranty, Apple’s iPad Air 2 feels like a solid Best Buy bargain.

AppleCare+ iPhone screen repairs are now $29 a pop, any other damage sets you back $99

The AppleCare+ extended warranty program for iPhones now distinguishes between $29 screen repairs and $99 for any other damage.