More Trump tariffs could mean pricier Apple Watches and Fitbits

A first wave of tariffs has already washed over the United States, but the next one could start to drive costs up for consumer technology.

Original Apple Watch won’t get watchOS 5, but Apple Watch Series 1 will

The 2015 Apple Watches have been cut off from the 2016 and 2017 Apple Watches for this latest watchOS update. Is this an acceptable thing?

Original Apple Watch warranty support stretches to three years

But it covers one specific issue regarding the back of the device coming off. You might need to inquire upper management about a free repair.

Apple Watch Edition Series 1 gone from Apple Store

No more shelling out $10K for some 24K action. Ceramic is the best we’ll all get on the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 while Series 1 keeps the Sport case.

Apple Watch Series 2 announced with water-resistance, GPS

The second series of Apple Watch has been announced. It runs watchOS…

So far, Apple Watch price cut is so good for sales

Average daily sales have better than doubled since Apple cut down the base price of the Apple Watch. The iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 are doing okay.

Apple Watch Sport now slightly more affordable to repair

There’s a new price for official Apple Watch Sport repair services, reflecting the recent price cut the wearable just got.

Pocketnow’s Best Wearables of 2015

When you’re just four days out from the new year, you know…

The Pocketnow Holiday Shopping Guide 2015

Updated December 9: The Nexus 6 has been dropped from the Google…

Apple Watch Sport owners already complaining about signs of wear and tear

Learn more about some of the complaints that users are placing about the Apple Watch Sport, as it seems that signs of wear and tear are now an issue
apple watch bands

The 4 worst arguments against the smartwatch

“Smartwatches are stupid” is the rallying cry of the anti-wearable crowd. Here’s 4 of their arguments (and why I think they’re wrong).

Empty Nest: what I miss (and don’t) about the Apple Watch

I wore an Apple watch for two weeks, and now that it’s gone there’s a lot I miss – and also some I don’t. Join us for the latest installment of Empty Nest!

How long can Apple keep profit margins ridiculously high?

By now, you might’ve seen the IHS and Slice Intelligence figures. If not,…

Apple Watch unboxing & initial set-up (Video)

Learn what it’s like to take home the fastest-selling smartwatch ever. Join us for Pocketnow’s Apple Watch unboxing!

Apple Watch Sport almost survives torture test, and we mean almost

Learn more about how the Apple Watch Sport behaved in a torture test, as it seems that it can take a good beating, but not all of them.

Apple Watch Sport didn’t do so well in a scratch test (video)

Learn more about the durability of the Apple Watch Sport, as a recent scratch test to its display proves that you will have to be careful.