Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with S Pen: NEW NOTE?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the arrival of the Huawei P40 series and more
New Apple Watch Series 6 could arrive with Touch ID
We get new information concerning the next Apple Watch Series 6 that may finally arrive with Touch ID and watchOS 7 could drop support for the Series 2
Apple will repair your Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 cracked screens for free
If you have an aluminum case Apple Watch Series 2 or 3 and you’ve noticed that the screen cracked, an Authorized Service Provider will repair it for free.
Low prices come to refurbished iPhone 7 and Series 1/2/3 Apple Watches
Prices have started getting lower on Apple devices like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and series 1, 2 and 3 of the Apple Watch in refurbished units
Apple Watch Series 2 devices with ‘expanded’ batteries will get free repairs for up to 3 years
If your 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 refuses to power on due to battery swelling, you no longer need a valid warranty to get the issue fixed up to three years after your original purchase.
watchOS 4 appears to lack advanced heart rate functionality on first-gen Apple Watch
If you’re still holding onto the first-generation Apple Watch, packing a single-core S1 SoC, your watchOS 4 update will lack a few key features.
Verizon may have confirmed Apple Watch Series 3 name and LTE, as old models start to vanish
In case you had any doubt, the LTE-connected Apple Watch Series 3 is etched in stone just a little over 24 hours before going officially official.
Apple Watch Series 2 After The Buzz
Watch our latest episode of After The Buzz as we re-visit the best selling smartwatch in the world, now that we prepare for its successor
The time may ‘now be right’ for glucose-monitoring Apple Watch function, new report claims
Believe it or not, “sources familiar with Apple’s plans” suggest the company’s smartwatch could very soon be able to track your blood sugar levels.
The iPhone 8 casing leaks are out in force
Stainless steel meets glass while a display is supposed to hide a whole forest of features. Schematics and pictures galore.
Analyst predicts LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 3, no Lightning change on iPhone 8
This year’s third-gen Apple Watch is expected to adopt standalone LTE, while 2018 iPhones may mix the best of Lightning and USB Type-C technologies.
Forget MWC 2017, how about Android Oreo in space? | #PNWeekly 241
So, forget the whole MWC 2017 thing, let’s just do a whole podcast on Snapchat Spectacles, LTE-U and Android Pocky. How’s about that?
Parts maker lost money on highly profitable Apple Watch Series 2 in 2016
The Apple Watch Series 2 helped Infinite Loop pad its holiday earnings, but it cost its touch panel maker the year in profits. Who’s to blame?
Garmin is the lone winner of a disastrous Q3 smartwatch report, as Apple and Lenovo crash and burn
Believe it or not, Garmin was the only smartwatch player that impressed with its Q3 2016 sales numbers, as Apple posted disappointing scores.
Apple Watch Nike+ prepares for launch as general sales numbers lead the pack
The sporty watch is available starting this weekend and it will likely extend Apple’s crushing grip on the niche of this tech industry.
‘All-new’ Apple Music and Apple Watch Series 2 also get awesome new ads (video)
James Corden makes excellent use of his unique brand of silly humor in an Apple Music commercial also starring Jimmy Iovine and Eddy Cue.
watchOS 3, iOS 10 released, but take your time with it
It’s September 13 and that means Apple has released iOS 10 out to the public. We suggest you sit it out and wait for the servers to clear out.
Apple Watch Edition Series 1 gone from Apple Store
No more shelling out $10K for some 24K action. Ceramic is the best we’ll all get on the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 while Series 1 keeps the Sport case.