LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 is finally coming to India, as well as Denmark and Sweden
The wearable industry-dominating Apple Watch Series 3 is set to make its commercial debut supporting LTE connectivity in Denmark, India and Sweden on May 11.
KGI: Smaller circuit boards mean faster Apple Watch LTE, MacBooks
And those devices could take a big cue from the current generation of iPhones. Why circuit boards? Because they can be upgraded like anything else.
Apple Watch Series 3 faces major LTE activation trouble in the UK, EE helps users cope
It hasn’t been easy for many EE customers in the UK to activate their LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 3 units, but all errors have workarounds.
More super-trustworthy ‘sources’ expect standalone Apple Watch Series 3 to go official soon
It’s pretty much guaranteed now, after hearing the same thing from separate, equally credible sources – the Apple Watch Series 3 is coming this September.